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Easy Halloween Desserts! Graveyard cupcakes, ghost pops, spiderweb cupcakes and more

Halloween is probably my all-time favorite holiday. You get to dress up in fun costumes and people give you candy, how bad can that be? I think it is the little kid in me (or sugar addict) that loves this holiday so much. One of the best things about being a mom is being able to relive your childhood and act like a kid again. Sadly people would think it was weird if a 30 year old woman dressed up and went trick or treating without a kid. To get ready for Halloween I made some easy Halloween desserts with my daughter. These are all easy enough for kids to help out with, especially the cupcakes.



Around Halloween I like to have some cupcakes for the kids and also for myself to enjoy. Most treats I make don’t need too many ingredients or are too time consuming to make. This year I wanted to make grave cupcakes. I thought Oreos would work great for a headstone and for the dirt, kill two birds with one stone. These cupcakes are so easy to make and look super cute, if graves can be cute :).


First take an Oreo (I got chocolate Oreos) and cut off a small sliver of each side. It is best to use a sharp knife but the great thing is even if they crack a bit it adds to the worn look.


Crush up a few Oreos. I did it with the whole Oreos but you can do it without the filling.



Put the headstone on the cupcake and just sprinkle the crushed Oreos over the cupcakes. I used a chocolate cupcake with chocolate fudge frosting. You could add a hand or foot popping out with fondant or frosting. I also saw some bone candies at target that would work great in the graves!



Spider web cupcakes I saw a few years ago and have been waiting to try these out. First cover the cupcake with frosting, I used buttercream.


Then put three circles of frosting in a different color on top.


Take a toothpick or if you don’t have a toothpick use the side of a fork and drag it from the center out to the edge of the cupcake. Continue to do this about six times, spread out evenly.


I topped these with spider rings. Cheap rings can be great cupcake toppers. Even if you don’t know how to frost a cupcake professionally you can add a ring on top to dress it up.


Cake pops! My daughter is obsessed with cake pops. She doesn’t even want to eat them, she will carry one around with her without eating it if it is cute enough. I made some pumpkin basket cake pops. I used black licorice cut into small strips for the handle, orange candy melts to dip and black frosting for the face. You can put them in a pumpkin basket to display them, just put a foam block in the bottom to hold them in place,. You could also do the pop on the bottom and make it flat underneath.


Black licorice can be used for the stem of pumpkin pops. Cut a small piece for the stem put it around the pop stick on top of the cake pop after you dip the pop in candy melts.


I made ghost cake pops too with the orange candy melts. Since I used the orange melts and with the candy eyes they look a bit like Pac Man ghosts haha.


Use a small scoop and keep one side flat to create a ghost shape. I drizzled the melts on top of these in a messy way and I think they still look cute but dipping them would make them turn out a bit more neat.



This little kitty I made for Halloween a few years ago and I just came across this picture. It would be cute with black frosting to make black cats, I just like purple so mine were purple:). Happy Halloween!




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