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I love love doing arts and crafts with Keira. However, I am not a fan of cleaning up after. It seems impossible for us to do arts and crafts without making a ginormous mess. Even with a huge tarp down we end up with paint and glitter on the carpet. As much as I love glitter it is banned from inside the house because glitter seems to multiple and stick to everything. We use the glitter pens and glitter glue so we still get our fill of glitter without the mess. I wanted to make some Halloween crafts/decorations that wouldn’t leave a huge mess. These would be great last minute crafts for Halloween day. I had all the materials but you could put it together with Target items and the Dollar Tree.


We made some easy little spiders that you can put up on the spider webs or hang in the window with some ribbon.


Materials needed- 2 pipe cleaners per spider(I used silver and black), black fuzzy ball(you can do different colors for fun), tape or glue, and googly eyes if desired.


Tie one pipe cleaner loosely around the fuzzy ball. Leave a little room to insert the other pipe cleaner.


Wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger and bend it downward away from the fuzzy ball. Cut off a bit of the end on each side. It’s actually probably best to wait until you insert the other legs to cut off the excess but that would have been too logical for me 😉


Cut the other pipe cleaner into three equal pieces.



Insert the pipe cleaner pieces into the tied area of the other pipe cleaner. Spread out the pipe cleaners evenly. Then wrap them around your fingers bending them away from the fuzzy ball.


I taped on some googly eyes because I have a ton of them and they are cute! Then I taped them to some ribbon. They stick great to spider webs as well. We did some bright color ones that I didn’t get pictures of that were really cute. We had purple, blue and gold.


These are our cute black cat, black and white mummies. For the mummies I used streamers but I also tried toilet paper mummies and they work great. I know everyone has at least some toilet paper at home(or at least I hope so). You can also do different color balloons orange mummies would work great! I just hung the balloons down, I think hanging them all over can looks great. Balloons don’t always have to be inflated upright.


These are the materials I used for the cat balloon. I just cut paper out in the shapes of eyes and whiskers. Then I taped them on, drew in the eyes and a mouth.


I love easy nonmessy crafts!. To make it more fun for the kids you can use different colors and have them draw on the eyes, nose and mouth. We did those as well I just didn’t get pictures. It’s hard to get pictures of things when my daughter is carrying them around, she moves too fast! It is good to have a little craft or two on Halloween. When we are waiting for trick or treating or afterwards as a distraction from the candy. I still haven’t bought my Halloween candy because I cannot be trusted with it in the house. Sometimes I buy the types of candy that I don’t like so I wont eat it. Self control is something I have yet to master. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Spider Craft. Make the cutest spiders ever with this fun simple Halloween craft with kids



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