Spiders!! EEK!

Easy spider Halloween ideas

I try to extend all holidays for the entire month. We do crafts and make decorations to get into the spirit! We made a bunch of spider Halloween crafts. This year Keira wanted to be a ghost for Halloween. I was excited about her costume choice since she dresses up as a princess almost every day, that’s just a Tuesday for us. Luckily Etsy has some cute ghost costumes so I didn’t have to figure out how to make one. I cannot sew to save my life, although I can glue like nobody’s business. Today I got Keira’s costume in the mail and wanted to try it on her. Once it was on she didn’t want to take it off and was ready to go trick or treating. She was waiting for the sun to go down for trick or treating. It’s hard to convince a three year old it is not trick or treating time when they get the idea set in their mind. Now her costume is in hiding until Halloween. Instead of trick or treating she had to settle for making fun Halloween decorations with me :).


Spider rings can have many purposes, one of which is as a wine glass charm. It is important to sample the wine while you are putting these on to make sure they stay :). Spiders can also be used for napkin rings. I have so many spiders I think I might just use them year round when people come over for dinner!

IMG_0575 IMG_0573

This isn’t a spider idea but these red eyes are fun for adult and kids drinks. Red eye cherries with mini chocolate chips in the middle. They can be presented with a skewer through them set on top of a cup. You can also put them in the drink cup. These would work best with clear or red drinks.

IMG_0580 IMG_0579

I put some spiders in my dollar store vases (but any vases work) with spider webs. That is the way I like my spiders under glass! The webs kept them in place but without the webs they stayed with double stick tape. My daughter was helping with the tape so we went a little tape crazy but with a few pieces of tape you can’t even see it. Even with massive amounts of tape it blends in really well. We go through way too much tape in my house. My daughter is obsessed with using tape (kind of like her mommy).


The straws I tied up with a spider made out of a black cotton ball for the body and black pipe cleaners for the legs as well as to wrap around the straws.


I made a couple of printables that are just creepy enough. I made this spider one and another grave one.

Get the printables here:



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