Santa Bag and Present Treats!

Santa Bag and Present Treats. How to make marshmallow Santa bags with snow and candy canes inside. Also present cupcakes for SantaI know everyone this time of year makes cookies. I love cookies as much as the next gal but cupcakes are just my thing. I like to make cupcakes, marshmallow pops and cake pops. They are just so cute! Since I’ve had Santa on the brain but didn’t have time to figure out how to make Santas I decided to make Santa bags and presents. These would be fun to leave out for Santa, for Christmas Eve or on Christmas when you are opening up presents. Both are really easy to make! For the cupcakes all you will need are cupcakes, frosting(any color you want), sugar(not needed) and pull n peel Twizzlers.

IMG_2111 IMG_2113I pulled apart the pull n peel Twizzlers. Then measured a piece to cover the top of the cupcake. I did this before putting the frosting on. Then use that piece to measure others the same length. You can cut a bunch of them at once. You will need two pieces for every cupcake.

IMG_2076 IMG_2077For the bow make a small loop and fold it in front, then press that piece together so it sticks. Fold another loop in front of that loop and across to the right. Press this one together as well. I then took a small piece and wrapped it around the center but it isn’t necessary.

IMG_2118Then frost the cupcakes. I also dipped the frosting in sugar to give it a little sparkle but that step is not necessary. Like Santa I work late into the night so I know some of these pictures are dark but you the jist.

IMG_2119 IMG_2121

Then place the straight pieces on the cupcake one horizontal and one vertical or like an X.

IMG_2135 IMG_2129Place the bow on top in the center and there you go a present cupcake! You can make a little sign that says for Santa to be extra cute ;)!

Santa Bag Marshmallow Pops

Now for the marshmallow pops!  You need marshmallows, red candy melts(can get these are craft stores), frosting, powdered sugar, pull and peel Twizzlers and candy cane sprinkles(I used Wilton’s, these aren’t needed but are cute). I love marshmallow pops because they look cute and no baking involved!

IMG_2082I first took the peeled Twizzlers and tied them into a little lasso shape around the top of the marshmallow so it fits snuggly. Tie them loosely at first to adjust. Then when you get it the right size press the tied part together to make it stay tied. I also pinched off a little piece at the end but left them long enough to hang past the bottom of the marshmallow.

IMG_2086IMG_2087IMG_2089Dip the marshmallows in the red candy melts covering up to the top of the marshmallow. I used a lollipop stick for dipping or you could use a fork, it will stick to the marshmallow. You can use another fork to get it unstuck. Before the candy melts dry(they dry quickly) place the tied Twizzlers on top. You just need to lightly press them down they will stick and stay in place when the candy melts dry.

IMG_2096IMG_2097IMG_2099I put a little frosting on top to get everything to stay in place. You could cover the top with candy melts if you don’t have frosting. Then sprinkle with powered sugar for “snow”. This part is messy but I think it looks good if the snow is all over. It looks cute with just the snow but the candy cane sprinkles are fun to add!




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