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We are in full on Easter prep this week! My daughter Keira is on spring break so we have some extra time for activities. Besides going out on fun adventures, I planned a few Easter crafts to get us ready for the Easter bunny. I wanted to make silly bunnies because well we are silly and appreciate some silliness(is that a word?). I was thinking of making sock bunnies or bags but I happened to have these cake boxes so I made bunny boxes. If you don’t have boxes you could use paper bags, which would look adorable! I might make some bunny bags before Easter.

What you need for the bunny boxes:

white cake box(I got mine at the party store or you could use paper bags)

white and pink paper



printable silly faces(included at the end of this article)

IMG_3634 IMG_3641

First, cut out the faces. I ended up cutting it with my floral scissors because those are the only ones I could find. I have about five different kinds of scissors and somehow they all have disappeared into the craft corner abyss. I’m sure I will find them all when I’m looking for something else like ribbon.

IMG_3643 IMG_3646 IMG_3652 IMG_3655

Next I cut out the bunny ears. I don’t have a printable for this but they are easy to do. I didn’t even draw anything out but you could draw a bunny ear shape then cut them out first with the pink paper then one a little bit larger but the same shape with the white paper. You can make them more rounded or pointy like I did. Leave a little space at the bottom to fold back and tape to the box. Then I cut out rectangular strips of paper for eyebrows and whiskers, as shown above. They could be in any color we just love our pink :). This is a silly craft so none of it was precise, which is how I like things.

IMG_3684 IMG_3678

This is our surprised bunny! We were having conversations with the bunnies. His name is Bo the Bunny and he is surprised because he got caught eating the Easter candy.



This is Mr. Buns he was looking up at the butterflies. He is apparently British since I was using a British accent with him(a very bad one).

IMG_3670 IMG_3718

They also do some tricks like the pyramid! It looks like Bo the Bunny is a little frightened to be on the top. He also is surprised that he has a new nose ;). It’s fun to mix and match the faces. I didn’t do a ton of variations but enough to have fun and get creative! You can also put anything you want inside. I’m working on some non-candy Easter items to put inside!

Here is the printable for the faces:

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