Flower Wreath Cupcakes!

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Today I am combining two of my favorite things cupcakes and flowers! That is the way to my heart, cupcakes and flowers. If I am mad at someone I will immediately forget if they bring me cupcakes or flowers(preferably both). I love springtime with all of the flowers blooming. I keep seeing these beautiful yellow flowers everywhere. That is probably why I am loving yellow lately! This is such a fun way to present cupcakes for a spring party or for Mother’s Day. If your mom is anything like me then she would love these flower wreath cupcakes. You could also make a bouquet but I thought a wreath would be fun.

To make this you will need:


white frosting, preferably butter cream(butter cream holds shape the best and I didn’t follow my own advice so mine didn’t stay as well)

purple and yellow food coloring

2 piping bags

star decorating tip and straight tip

IMG_4046 IMG_4047 IMG_4049

For the yellow rose type flowers you will need a frosting with a few drops of yellow food coloring, a star tip and pastry bag. Start from the middle and work around in a circle to the outside. Let me just say I am not a pastry chef so of course they aren’t going to look perfect especially with my 3 year old helper ;). From what I have seen the 1M Wilton tip works best for roses with a firm frosting. Us average joe cupcake lovers can still make pretty things you just have to give up on the illusion of perfection!

IMG_4053 IMG_4054 IMG_4058 IMG_4060

To make the leaves I used green card stock paper. Cut it into a pointed oval shape, about 2-3 inches long. Make one side a little longer and square. Fold it in half lengthwise to give it a crease. Then fold down the square end and put a piece of tape underneath. Tape the leaves to the side of the cupcakes. Add a little extra tape to secure it. You can add as many as you want and do different sizes.  IMG_4087

For the purple cupcakes I added a few drops of purple food coloring to frosting. Then I piped the frosting on with a straight, flat tip. Start in the center and move it up and down in small half circles all the way around until you have covered the cupcake.IMG_4066IMG_4077 IMG_4069 IMG_4082

Then you just arrange the cupcakes in a circle with alternating types of flowers. You could do a few wreaths or make a really big one if you have a large amount of cupcakes. So pretty! I love these colors but you could really do any color combination and any kind of flower cupcakes.

Flower Wreath Cupcakes are a beautiful dessert for parties and spring!

Thanks for partying with me! -Val Event Gal

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