Easy Pineapple Pinata

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Sticking with my pineapple obsession/theme I have an easy pineapple pinata. This pineapple pinata is a pull string made with a paper lantern and tissue paper! You could also use the paper lanterns for decoration if you don’t want to have a pinata. I’m all for the pinatas! Yes, sometimes I like to really hit a pinata but I also like to pull a string and have candy fall from the sky :). Living the dream, most of my dreams involve candy. I have attempted to make a pinata before but it was a bit too complicated for me. This is easy breezy and looks really cute!



yellow paper lantern

yellow and green tissue paper

ribbon (curling ribbon works best and use lots of it, do as I say not as I do)

candy of your choice

IMG_4939 IMG_4942

Take one sheet of yellow tissue paper and fold it into a square shape. I held it up to the bottom of the paper lantern to make sure it covers the entire bottom with a little extra. This piece was about 5 inches. You can cut off any extra if it covers too much. Tape the ribbon to the middle of one side. Use lots of tape to secure it. I am showing this with one small ribbon but use a large bunch of ribbon. Curling ribbon is good because it is sturdy and cheap. 10 pieces of long ribbon about 3 ft would be great. Remember you will be tying it on the bottom and want enough length for people to grab it.

IMG_4948 IMG_4949

Tape the tissue paper to the bottom of the lantern. With the taped ribbon side facing the inside of the lantern. Tape it securely on all sides.


Flip over the lantern and put the candy inside.

IMG_4956 IMG_4961

Take a piece of green tissue paper and cut it into 3 pieces. Put them all together and cut it in two inch strips but don’t cut the top 2 inches.


Cut the bottom part of each strip into a point.

IMG_4963 IMG_4965

Wrap it all together and twist the bottom tightly together.

IMG_4966 IMG_4967

Wrap the twisted part around the center loop in the lantern and tape it together.


Take the second sheet of green tissue paper and wrap it around the first sheet in the middle. You can tape this to the middle piece of tissue paper and the metal part in the middle. You can also tape it to the inside edge of the lantern if you want it all more spread out. I just wrapped the tape around the middle.

To hang it tie one ribbon to the circles on either side of the inside of the metal part. Then hang the ribbon from the middle of the ribbon.IMG_4994 IMG_5026 Pineapple PinataNow you are ready for a pineapple party! Check out my other pineapple posts to complete the pineapplely fun!

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