Firecracker Toppers with Sprinkles Inside!

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4th of July is all about the fireworks and firecrackers! Also it’s about the food, there will be so many BBQs going on this weekend it is the best time! So I decided to put those two wonderful things together in a fun topper. These firecracker cupcake toppers with star sprinkles inside turned out so cute! I used them for cupcakes but they would be perfect for a cake or even on some fruit. Sometimes my watermelon needs some sprinkles to make it extra appealing.

I live in Arizona and they are selling firecrackers and fireworks all over the place. Call me crazy but I personally don’t want to be setting off fireworks in the desert when it’s dry and 110 degrees. I like watching fireworks but I will stick with the professional show. Actually with a 4 year old I think we probably wont be up late enough for any kind of fireworks. We will just have to settle for all the food and pretend firecrackers. That’s more my style anyways.


Here is what you need to make the firecracker toppers:

scrapbook paper (plain red or blue paper would work as well)

lollipop sticks

star sprinkles



pipe cleaners

IMG_4392 IMG_4394

Take a sheet of scrapbook paper and cut it into three even pieces. Then take each piece and cut it in half.


Tape the lollipop stick to the white side of the paper in the middle. then wrap the paper around in a small circle and tape the paper in the back with clear tape.

IMG_4398 IMG_4402IMG_4400

Trace the top of the circle on another piece of paper. Draw two circles for each topper. For the bottom circle use two pieces of tape sticky side towards the bottom patterned side. Tape them to the inside of the bottom and press it together in the inside. If it needs to be more secure add another piece to the back and bottom.


Fill it with star sprinkles or any other fun patriotic sprinkles.

IMG_4406 IMG_4407 IMG_4414

For the top circle poke a hole in the middle with a pen then insert a small piece of pipe cleaner. I used blue and red. I cut each pip cleaner into 5 or 6 pieces. Now they are ready to go on top of your cupcakes or cake!

Firecracker Cupcake ToppersIMG_4445 IMG_4507IMG_4451IMG_4504 IMG_4501

So much fun! You put the firecrackers on top of the cupcakes and pull off the top, pour the sprinkles on the cupcake and enjoy! Happy 4th of July have an amazing holiday weekend and eat lots of food!

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