Melted Ice Cream Cake Pops!

Melted Ice Cream Cake Pops - Val Event Gal

What better to make in the middle of summer than melted ice cream cake pops! Everything melts here in Arizona if it is left out for more than 5 seconds. With all of my ice cream party fun this week a lot of melting is going on. I accidentally left a mini chocolate in my purse the other day. Most people carry chocolate with them at all times right?! It was melted all over everything in my purse after being outside for just half an hour. Nothing like the feeling of reaching in your purse to come out with a melted chocolate fingers.

Now for the cake pops! If you haven’t had cake pops you really need to they are the cutest. These ones are fun because you don’t need to worry about the candy coating looking smooth, which is my biggest problem with cake pops.

For the cake pops:

unfrosted white cake

white frosting

white candy melts

ice cream cones


parchment paper

Take the cake put it in a bowl and crumble it into tiny pieces, You could use a spoon but I just get in there with my hands. Once the cake is all crumbled take a large spoonful of frosting and fold it into the cake crumbs. Use your hands to combine the frosting with the cake crumbs until it forms a doughy material. Start out with the spoonful of frosting and add more if needed. You want it to stick together nicely not cracking or crumbling apart. However, you don’t want to add too much frosting, just enough to form the doughy ball. Take a small piece of the dough and roll it into a ball with the palm of your hands. Try to make all of the pieces the same size, about 1 inch. I use my cookie scoop to get the right size, a spoon can work too. Put the balls on a cookie sheet or plate lined with parchment paper. Make sure they are a little bit spread out for decorating. Put in the refrigerator for 1/2 an hour to firm.

IMG_5465 IMG_5467

Cut the cones about 2 inches from the bottom. You can hold the cones up to the cake balls to see if they fit on top. Be careful when cutting the cones because they can crumble. Use a sharp knife and move it back and forth in a sawing motion. Don’t press too firmly on the cone.

IMG_5473 IMG_5476 IMG_5479

Cover the cake pops with candy melts. Drip some around the base, more on one side than the other. Cover it with some sprinkles. Then place the cone on top. I did some straight up and others slightly off to the side.

Melted Ice Cream Cake Pops 1- Val Event Gal Melted Ice Cream Cake Pops 2

Melted Ice Cream Cake Pops 2 - Val Event Gal

Cute melted ice cream cake pops! They would look good on top of a cake too. You could do any colors you want, just have fun with it!

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