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Big Pencil Decorations for pics and parties - Val Event Gal

These big pencil decorations are so fun for back to school! Perfect for taking pictures, parties or just playing. I tried to get pictures this morning before Keira’s first day of Pre-Kindergarten. Of course as usual we were running late and didn’t get pictures. Tomorrow is another day and I am determined to get a few cute pictures! Sometimes the simplest tasks seem impossible with a kid. Especially pictures since they can’t stand still. For pictures I just love oversized props. Oversized or teeny tiny decorations are fun!┬áKids love oversized props for pictures and these big pencil decorations are lots of fun.


What you need:

yellow paper, white paper, black paper, pink balloon, tape and scissors



Take the yellow paper lay it down horizontally. From the left fold the paper over in 1 1/2 inch strips until it is completely folded.


Unfold the paper, it will make a hexagon shape now(hexagon, pentagon, octagon one of the gons, maybe I need to go back to math class). Tape the ends together on the inside so the tape doesn’t show. You can use a few pieces of tape on the outside too for reinforcement.

IMG_5967 IMG_5973

Take a white piece of paper and cut it in half as shown above. Wrap it into a cone shape and tape it together. Then cut off the tip, about an inch from the top.

IMG_5975 IMG_5977IMG_5972

Repeat the same with a black piece of paper but don’t cut off the tip. Insert the black cone shape into the white one as shown. Hold it up to the yellow hexagon paper and cut off any extra on the bottom so this piece will fit tightly in the yellow shape. Once it is the right size tape it into the the yellow piece.


Blow up the balloon slightly so it fits into the other end. Hold it up to make sure it is the right size before tying it.

IMG_6003 IMG_6012

Now we are ready for school! Luckily in Pre-Kindergarten my daughter didn’t have to do a lot to prepare so we just focused on the celebrating part. Hopefully I can get some good pictures tomorrow on our do over day. Do you have any fun traditions or pictures you do for the first day of school?


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