Jellyfish Marshmallow Pops!

Jellyfish Marshmallow Pops- Val Event Gal

This week I am all about the mermaid party fun! Mermaids are a little tricky to make into sweets so I decided to make jellyfish marshmallow pops. They are super easy to make and adorable for an under the sea or mermaid party. I have been on a marshmallow pop kick, as much as I love cake pops they are more time consuming and when you are a busy mom shortcuts are always good. Spending hours in the kitchen is not always an option and no bake is the best! I have also been on a candy eye kick lately. I promise I will take a break from the candy eyes. I think this is my third blog post using candy eyes in a week haha. They just make everything so cute and my daughter loves them!


What you need to make them:


candy eyes

lollipop sticks

pink or red candy melts

Twizzlers pull and peel

IMG_6102 IMG_6103 IMG_6104

Take one of the Twizzlers and cut it into 4 equal pieces. For each piece pull it apart and spread out in a circle. Put the marshmallow on top just to see if it sits right or if you need to move any of the Twizzlers around.

IMG_6105 IMG_6106 IMG_6107


Melt the candy melts according to the package in a bowl or cup. Put the marshmallow on the lollipop stick and dip it into the candy melts. You can use a spoon to help cover it completely. After dipping it tap the stick on the side of the bowl or cup to get rid of extra candy melts. Add the candy eyes on one side towards the bottom. Then place the marshmallow pop on top of the Twizzlers as shown above.

IMG_6109 IMG_6116


You can serve them on top of brown sugar for sand. I also used candy “bubbles”. So fun and cute!

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