Coed Baby Shower Games

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CoEd Baby Shower Games

Recently coed baby showers have become really popular. Some people prefer it to be just the ladies but I love the idea of including the father to be in the shower. He did help make the baby! I think a lot of men are worried that baby showers will be cheesy and cutesy. Baby shower games especially get a bad reputation for being silly. There definitely are a few games that are ridiculous and I prefer to avoid. However, I think baby shower games can be really fun. The key is to not do too many games and keep the party flowing. I think 2 or 3 games is a good amount. Make sure not to make a girly theme vintage, glitter and lace probably wont work as well for a coed shower. If you go with a theme make it more subtle and neutral colors some of these unique baby shower themes are awesome for coed showers:  Food and drinks are essential with a coed shower. Bbq is a great option, pizza, subs, meats, and cheeses. Small bites work too, just avoid tea time foods!

Here are some fun  coed baby shower games:

  1. Beer chugging contest out of baby bottles. It looks ridiculous and is nearly impossible to do, which leads to a lot of laughs
  2. Changing a baby doll’s diaper with a partner. You can also use a balloon if you don’t have baby dolls. Get in teams of 2, each person uses one hand and has to change the baby together. Once again this isn’t easy to do so it leads to some laughs.
  3. Obstacle course or relay race baby changing team challenge. Having the challenge of running with a fake baby over and under obstacles. Possible involving a baby pool if the weather permits. You can get creative with this one.
  4. Sumo wrestling. You can rent sumo suits and have sumo/baby belly wrestling. It is hilarious and everyone has a good time! If you don’t want to spend the money on sumo suits you can use pillow belly’s and whoever is bumped out of the wrestling ring first loses. Tape on the pillows with masking tape and people bump bellies. Make a ring using masking tape, easy as that!
  5. Decorating onsies. Yes this could get cutesy but make people come up with funny sayings and get creative. The parents to be can choose a winner.
  6. Small plastic baby in ice cubes. Whoever’s melts first says my water broke. This is funny and requires little effort for participation. Plus it involves drinks.
  7. Name movies with the word baby in it. Whoever comes up with the most wins.
  8. List songs with the word baby or cry in it. There are a ton of songs with baby! You can do short clips of songs with baby in it. Have people name the musician and the name of the song. Whoever gets the most right wins.
  9. Everyone gets a clothes pin and if they say the word baby or the name of the baby other people can take their clothes pin. Whoever has the most at the end wins. This game can bring out men and women’s competitive nature.
  10. That is probably enough for the games. Plan on having fun music playing, possible a sports game playing if there are any on at the time and lots of food!

For prizes you can have coffee cups, beer mugs or foods. The dollar bin at Target can be a good place to find random goodies. Coed showers can be a ton of fun for everyone involved. I think it is important to remember less is more and have fun!

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