Glowing Eyeball Halloween Balloons

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I’m really feeling all of the eyeballs I have been seeing in the Halloween decorations.I want to make an eyeball everything! Okay, I’m a little bit weird and I enjoy that for Halloween you are allowed to be weird. Adults don’t get to have enough fun, dress up and be weirdos. Halloween is all about embracing your inner weirdo and bringing it out to play. Not in a creepy way or anything, but a fun way! Although I do get to dress up on occasion with my daughter. Usually with hats and scarves. I am typically the bad guy because well when is mommy not the bad guy?! My Ursula impression from The Little Mermaid is spot on because I’ve been working on it for about a year. Anyways back to the eyeballs. Seeing all of the eyeballs I thought maybe I can make some sort of eye ball decorations from what I have at my place. Balloons and tissue paper are something I always have a ton of! All I needed was some glow sticks. These glowing eyeball Halloween balloons are perfect decorations for a party! You can’t make them too far ahead of time because the glow only lasts for so long but you can put them together really fast before a party.


What you need to make the glowing eye ball balloons:

white balloons

white glow sticks(green could be fun too)

red marker

tissue paper in blue, green or red

black paper

IMG_6696 IMG_6697

To start crack the glow stick so it is glowing. Put the glow stick in the balloon. Blow up the balloon.


Trace circles of the tissue paper and black paper. I usually just trace around a round object or I use my circle cutter. Make the tissue paper circles slightly smaller than the balloon width about 5 inches and the black paper a small circle about 2-3 inches. Glue the black circle to the tissue paper and then the tissue paper to the balloon using a glue stick or regular glue and a paint brush.


Then draw red squiggly lines around the sides.

Glowing Eyeball BalloonsHalloween party glowing eyeball balloonsHalloween eyeball balloons for a Halloween party - Val Event GalGlowing eye balloons for Halloween decorations

Tape them up to the wall as a backdrop. You can also have them popping up from behind chairs or in fun surprising places. An even easier way to do this would be with green glow sticks inside and just the black paper for a creepy glowing cat eye look. You can also make eye ball lanterns! Aren’t they the cutest eyeball balloons you have ever seen?! I’m sure you haven’t seen many glowing eyeball Halloween balloons so they don’t have competition ;). It was hard to get the glowing pictures in the dark but in person they¬†looked great in the dark.

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