Watercolor Tissue Paper Flowers

Watercolor Tissue Paper Flowers. - Val Event Gal

Lately I have been really into watercolors. I still have no skills when it comes to watercolor but I love them. My daughter loves them too and she is honestly probably better than I am. I am not afraid to admit it. I love painting but am not the best painter ever. When it comes to art I would say my cartoon and colored pencil skills are probably the best. When I was a kid for a while I wanted to be a cartoonist. Somewhere in between the time I wanted to be a princess and veterinarian. It is important to be well rounded with your interests! I am well rounded or indecisive, but I’m also a glass half full kind of gal so I will go with well rounded. Anyways back to watercolors. Even if you don’t have a lot of skill to make anything, like me, they still look so pretty!. Although some people can take it to the next level with watercolor for the watercolor tissue paper flowers you don’t need skills. I love making things with tissue paper and these tissue paper flowers are so really easy to make and so pretty. You can hang them up or use them as table centerpieces. You could also group them together for a dessert table backdrop. Go crazy and get creative!

What you need to make them:

Watercolor paint

Sponge or sponge brush

White tissue paper

Ribbon, twine or fishing line for hanging

IMG_6874 - Copy IMG_6877 - Copy IMG_6880 - Copy

Take 8 sheets of tissue paper. Fold the paper in an accordion pattern, make each fold about an inch and a half thick. Once it is all folded cut it in half to make two pieces. Cut a small triangle out of each side in the middle. Tie ribbon or twine around the middle. If you are going to hang them leave a long piece of ribbon. Cut the ends into a pointed shape.

IMG_6889 - Copy

Dip the sponge or sponge brush in water, then in the color of paint you want to use. Dab it on the tissue paper spread out all around but you don’t want to completely cover it. You can repeat with another color. Flip it over and repeat with the other side. Let it dry completely.

IMG_6891 - Copy IMG_6895 - Copy

Pull apart the layers by slipping your fingers underneath each layer and gently pull up with the other hand. Repeat this with 4 or 5 of the layers.

Pretty watercolor tissue paper flowers - Val Event GalTissue paper flowers with watercolors - CopyBeautiful watercolor tissue paper flowers

These are just too pretty! You could use these at so many types of parties or just for a fun craft. I am just loving the water color trend! If you missed out on my other art party fun check out my splatter paint cake here: https://simplecraftyfun.com/2015/09/splatter-paint-cake/  and doodle art party hats here: https://simplecraftyfun.com/2015/09/art-party-hats/ . I’ve had so much fun this week with art, making life and my blog bright!

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