Witches Brew Pudding in Chocolate Bowls

Witches Brew Pudding in Chocolate Bowls

Halloween is coming up. Okay, it isn’t for over a month but I am in full Halloween mode. It is still too early for some of the Halloween preparations but I am still getting ready. I haven’t done a lot for fall but the Halloween decorations are coming out! We have spiders, cats, black and orange all around. I’ve been talking to my daughter about Halloween, but I don’t want to get her too excited too early. Then she will get impatient and want to wear her costume in September. Right now she says she wants to be a witch. This is her third or fourth idea. She went from pumpkin to princess, then princess superhero and now she wants to be a witch. I probably wont be able to get her costume until a week before Halloween because she will change her mind. My creative 4 year old! Every witch needs a good witches brew. I wanted to create some Halloween desserts but I have to try them out before the holiday to see what works. The witches brew pudding in chocolate bowls were so easy to make and perfect for Halloween. I was going to say they are adorable but I don’t know if eyes and bones are adorable. I guess in candy form anything can be adorable!

What you need to make them:

jello pistachio instant pudding (you can also do vanilla with green food coloring)

chocolate, dark chocolate or candy melts (I used black candy melts)

bone, eye and round sprinkles

pretzel sticks (optional)

IMG_6484 IMG_6493 IMG_6494

Take a muffin tin and flip it upside down. Cover each cup with foil, try to make sure the foil is as smooth as possible not too bunched up. Spray with cooking spray so the chocolate doesn’t stick to the tin foil. Take a large spoonful of chocolate and cover each cup. Make sure to spread the chocolate around the sides.


Let the chocolate dry and carefully remove the tin foil.

IMG_6514 IMG_6516 IMG_6518

Mix the pudding mix according to the package. Then spoon the pudding into the chocolate bowls. Add the pearl “bubble” sprinkles or just round white sprinkles for bubbles. Then add the eyes and bones sprinkles. Simple as that!

IMG_6526 IMG_6528IMG_6532

How easy is that witches brew and perfect for a Halloween party! The witches will be very happy this Halloween.

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