Candy Fall Trees

Candy Fall Trees easy to make desserts for a fall party or just for a fun fall treat! - Val Event Gal

I am so ready for it to feel like fall. I live in Phoenix, Arizona where we don’t exactly have seasons. There is the hot season and nice season. “Fall” doesn’t really happen, we don’t get a lot of changing leaves. When I lived in California the street I lived in had a ton of changing leaves in October. I really miss taking walks down that street with all the beautiful colors. I would still like to pretend it is fallish here. The weather is finally getting a bit nicer out and as soon as I can I will bring out the fall wardrobe. I love cozy clothes scarfs, boots, and baggy sweaters. Yay, it is almost that time, once it drops below 90 degrees! I am getting in the fall mood with these cute candy fall trees. They are adorable and just made out of candy.

What you need to make them:

Fun sized chocolate candy bar of your choice, I used snickers

tootsie rolls

gummy bears, nerds, mike n ikes or fruit by the foot

Tootsie Rolls for candy fall trees

Take a tootsie roll and cut it down the middle almost down to the bottom. Then cut the halves down to almost the bottom as well. Put two of the tootsie rolls together and spread out the top pieces.

Gummy bears for candy fall treesjpgPut gummy bears and tootsie rolls together

I used gummy bears but they were a bit sticky to cut up. If you use gummy bears cut them into tiny pieces with kitchen scissors. If I was doing it again I would use nerds and just the yellow, orange and green. Attach them to the tootsie roll branches by melting chocolate and brushing the edges of the tootsie rolls with the chocolate. Sprinkle the colorful candy on top.

Put tootsie roll piece on top of mini chocolate candy bar

Attach the tootsie roll piece to the fun size chocolate candy. You can cut a small piece off the bottom to even it out and then they can stand up!

Candy Fall Trees with colorful candy leavesFall candy treesThe leaves are falling on these colorful candy fall trees for a fall party or fun treat!

Fun candy trees for fall! Now I am really really ready for fall.

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