Spider Web Candy Craft

Spider Web Candy Craft- make candy spider webs for a fun Halloween craft you can eat too! - Val Event Gal

We are officially in October, which means Halloween all day every day! Yes, I have been getting ready for the past month but now it is socially acceptable. My daughter doesn’t always like to hang up the decorations. She has a very specific idea of what she wants to do with everything. Usually the places she chooses to put things are in the middile of the room or right in the way of where we walk or in the bathroom. I have different ideas so we have a bit of a power struggle. Strong willed 4 year olds definitely let their opinion known but I find a way to win in the end. I thought we needed a Halloween craft that she could do whatever she wanted with and put it anywhere. That way she isn’t interested in my decorations. We made this spider web candy craft and it was an easy activity she loved. The great thing is there are so many ways to make a spider web. You can also eat it too!

What you need:

Twizzlers pull in peel. I chose the colorful kind

A plate or paper

IMG_7143 IMG_7147 IMG_7151

Pull apart the Twizzlers and cut them or rip them in half. Make them into a a half circles facing out next to each other around in a circle shape. Take another piece that has all three colors and cut them in thirds. Take two of the thirds and put them in half circles on the outside of the other piece. Then take the remaining third, cut it in half and put it around the outside.  You can glue them as you go on to paper. You can also have them on a plate to eat after! This is a fun activity for a Halloween party or after school.

Another way to do it is to make two circles one half the size of the other. Put one around the other. Then take straight half pieces of the Twizzlers and place them over the circles. The fun thing is you can make them in many fun patterns to make a “web”. Learning and eating, my favorite!

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Easy as that you have a spider web!

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