Glow in the Dark Halloween Printable

Glow in the dark Halloween printable to leave out with a bowl of candy while you are out trick or treating!

How fun is this glow in the dark Halloween printable?! I’m getting so excited for Halloween! Every year we go trick or treating on Halloween like many of you with kids do(or the ones without kids, why can’t adults get candy too?!). I may not be a kid anymore(just at heart) but I get really in to Halloween and love to dress up. Last year my daughter wanted to be a ghost and I got her the cutest ghost costume from Etsy. I thought it would be fun for her dad and I to dress up like Ghost Busters with our little ghost. By the way her dad and I aren’t together but we still dressed up together for Halloween with our daughter because we all love Halloween. We are either really weird or doing a good job at the co-parenting thing(most of the time).

If you are away from the house during trick or treating you probably leave out a bowl of candy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a printable to put by the candy to draw peoples eyes and make it easier to find? Plus to be nice and not just throw some candy at them. I made this printable for that purpose to leave out with the bowl of candy and still be friendly while away from the house. You can leave it as is, it is cute just like this. You can also take it up a notch by adding some glow paint to make it really pop! I can’t just leave things alone, I always have to take it up a notch. Glow paint is a fun touch to Halloween printables especially for Halloween night. Just paint in the letters and the candy with the glow paint. I took a few pictures of that, my pictures didn’t come out but trust me it looked awesome!

Boo! Take a piece of candy or two! Printable to leave out with candy while you are out trick or treating

Get the printable here:

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