Penguin Donuts


Continuing with my winter donuts I have these cute penguin donuts! They are the cutest little penguin donuts ever, okay I haven’t ever seen penguin donuts so they don’t have competition but they are adorable. I made them blue for fun but you can make them black and white. They are so fun to bring to a winter party or for breakfast Christmas morning. Keira loves to watch the Penguins of Madagascar. We watched that while making these penguin donuts, it was the perfect winter activity. We also read a book about penguins before bedtime almost every night. Did you know that baby penguins eat 4 times as much as adult penguins. They need the extra fat to protect them from the cold and to look adorable :). I know you wanted to know that. If you ever want random penguin facts just ask me because I have read that penguin book about 100 times. That one, a shark book and octopus book I have memorized. Now lets make some penguins!

What you need to make the penguins:

plain donuts(store bought or homemade)

white candy melts

yellow candy melts

blue sanding sugar or black candy melts

candy eyes

IMG_7798 IMG_7801 IMG_7804 IMG_7806 IMG_7808

Take a plain donut and dip it in white candy melts, shake off the extra chocolate. While it is still wet dip the right and top side in the sanding sugar. Repeat with the left side and top part. If you want it to be black and white wait for the white to dry then dip it in the black candy melts the same way as the blue sugar, you could use black sanding sugar as well.


Put the candy eyes on the top over the blue sanding sugar. Dip the back of them in the white candy melts first to make them stay in place.

IMG_7858 IMG_7861 IMG_7862 IMG_7864 IMG_7865

For the mouth take two candy melts stuck together with the flat side. There were a bunch in the package already stuck together like this but if they are not dip the flat side of one in candy melts then stick it to the flat side of another and let it dry. Dip the top of the two stuck together in candy melts on half of the top. Press it firmly inside the donut below the eyes, as shown above. For the feet take one candy melt and dip half of rounded side into the candy melts. Then press it firmly on the bottom of the donut on the left side, repeat with the right side. You want the feet to be close together, with just a little space in between. Let it all dry and then they are ready to party!

penguin donuts in blue and whiteOne penguin donutPneguin donuts standing upLittle donuts that look like penguins and can stand up!

My favorite part about the penguins is that they can stand up! We had a lot of fun having them walk around and talk. Yes, I still like to play with my food, that is why I had a kid so I can act like a kid ;). They are so fun for winter time!


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