Polar Bear Donuts

Polar Bear Donuts. A fun treat for winter parties or a Christmas morning breakfast

Brrrr it is getting cold! In Phoenix 60 degrees is polar bear weather. I’ve had to bring out the big jackets! We are so wimpy here when it gets cold but I love the bit of cold we are getting. The cold makes me want to make some winter treats. I got a donut pan, Christmas came early! You might be seeing a lot of donuts from me. I am obsessed with making donuts now. I am still working on some really good recipes for the actual donuts and when I perfect it I will share my recipes. You can find a ton of recipes on pinterest for the donuts. I covered mine with candy melts but a white vanilla glaze or the classic powdered sugar would work too!  These little cute polar bear donuts would be fun for breakfast Christmas morning. You could also make them for a holiday party.

What you need to make them:

Powdered sugar, plain cake or vanilla donuts(store bought or homemade)

white candy melts(or glaze or powdered sugar, anything white)


black writing icing

candy eyes

dip plain donut in white chocolate melts donut covered in chocolate Cut candy melts in half for the ears put candy melts on donut Put second ear on donut

Melt half of the candy melts according to the package. Take the plain donuts and dip one side in the candy melts. Take a candy melt and cut it in half. Put one piece straight side down on the top right side and one on the top left(as shown above). You can dip the edge you are putting on the donuts in the candy melts to make sure they stay.

rip marshmallow in half put marshmallow in middle of donut put on candy eyes or draw on with writing icing draw on nose draw the rest of the mouth on draw lines on for the mouth

Rip a marshmallow in half and put it in the middle of the donut. Put on candy eyes or you can draw on the eyes with black writing icing. Draw on the nose, make a downward facing triangle shape. Then draw a small half circle downward staring at the bottom of the triangle on the right side and one on the left for the mouth.

polar bears WInter bear donuts cute cuddly polar bear donuts with white chocolate coating Polar bear donuts are adorable for winter, Christmas or any fun ocassion This little polar bear donut went in my belly

I am just loving these cute polar bear donuts! They were so fun to make and turned out even cuter than I expected. I have another fun winter creature donut for next week, can’t wait to share it! Isn’t this the best time of year for cute treats?!




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