Snow Globe Balloons

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Snow globe balloons are the perfect winter and Christmas party decoration!

I’m am continuing to make my own snow since we don’t have any in Phoenix. These snow globe balloons were really fun to make and I just loved how they turned out. They are a cheap and easy decoration for any winter or Christmas party. It is looking really snowy. I made a bit of a mess with this project but I had fun doing it. I always have fun making a mess not always cleaning it up. Just make sure to have newspaper down to contain the mess.

What you need to make it:

clear balloons

fake snow or white tissue paper

plastic disposable cups (red, blue or clear)

glitter in any color(I used gold)

mod podge or glue

paint brush

red cup base cut red cup cut cup even out mod podge cup glitter cup cover cup with glitterglue balloon onto cup

For the base take a plastic cup(any color) cut off the bottom two inches of the cup. Use a paint brush to brush on glue or mod podge. sprinkle glitter on the sides all around. Then press the balloon onto the glue on the top. If you don’t want the mess you can use sparkly wire ribbon or glitter tape. If you have a clear cup you can put the glue and glitter on the inside.

snow and balloon funnel from paper pour snow in funnel

Make a funnel out of paper put it in the top of the balloon. Pour the fake snow into the funnel and fill up with balloon.

tissue paper Cut up tissue paper tissue paper snow

For tissue paper snow cut up the tissue paper into small pieces. You can use the fake snow balls or the tissue paper snow whichever you prefer or both.

Balloons that look like snow globes Balloons that look like snow globes filled with snow IMG_7967 IMG_7975 Shake snow globe balloons snow globe balloon for a centerpiece or party decoration   snow goble

They are so fun for a snowy winter celebration! You could also tape on cut out snowmen or Christmas trees to the side. You can put some small bells inside as well. If you want them to floating try using glitter wire ribbon for the base. You can wrap it around the base of a cup for the shape and glue it together. Then tape it onto the bottom of the balloon.



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