Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree! Write down what you are thankful for on a leaf and add it to the thankful tree

I am jumping on the bandwagon and making a Thankful tree! I have an abundance of fall leaves so why not! I was tempted to take all of my fall leaves, put them in a pile and jump in it. The fake ones are as close as I get to falling leaves since I live in Arizona. There is still time I might still make a pile of leaves ;).

Any way to show thanks is good and I like the idea of using it for decoration as well. Earlier this week I made thankful balloons that were a lot of fun, you can see them here: I am using both the tree and balloons for Thanksgiving. We are adding leaves to the thankful tree throughout the month that we are thankful for to keep up the grateful spirit. I have a lot to be thankful for and some of them are silly things like pizza but sometimes it’s good to acknowledge the little things too!

materials for thankful tree

What you need to make it:




fake leaves

floral foam or rocks to keep branches in place

sharpie in the color of your choice I went with gold

hole puncher

tie ribbon around branches put branches in floral foam cover with leaves

Tie branches together with a ribbon or raffia. Put rocks in the base of the vase or floral foam for silk or dry materials. If you use foam cover it with leaves all around the sides.

write down what you are thankful forThankful for pizza

Punch a hole in the leaves. Write what you are thankful for. Then tie the leaves onto the tree, spread out on the branches. You can have everyone write what they are thankful for and add it to the tree on Thanksgiving.

Thankful tree

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