DIY Christmas Tree Gift Bags

DIY Christmas Tree Gift Bags

These DIY Christmas tree gift bags are a cute way to give out little gifts. You can use them for candy, small gifts or gift cards. All you need is glitter card stock paper to make it! I love giving out little gifts to people around the holidays. It can be tricky to figure out who to give gifts to and who not to. You don’t want to leave anyone out or not give a gift to someone who gives you one. I like to carry around some gift bags to make sure I have them in case I need a last minute little gift. We are finally in Christmas mode and I just love this time of year. My daughter gets even more into than I do with all of the decorations. I don’t know another 4 year old that love decorations as much as she does. Luckily she also likes the little crafty projects like I do too.

What you need to make it:

glitter green card stock paper 12′ by 12′(one piece will make 3 bags)

glitter gold card stock paper

small cellophane bags



Cut paper and draw tree

Cut the green paper into two pieces. Then take a ruler and measure three equal pieces across , they will be 4 inches each. Take a pen to draw a line to mark the pieces. Draw a tree by drawing three or four triangles overlapping on top of each other.

Put the tree box together

Cut out the tree shapes. Take a strip of green paper 3 inches thick and 4 inches long. Fold the strip of paper into thirds. Then tape one third to the back of one tree and the other to the back of another tree.

Fill bags and put inside box

Fill a small cellophane bag with candy or a small present. You can also use tissue paper. Tie it on the top with ribbon. If you are using it for a gift card you can just tape it to the back of a tree or wrap it in a bag then tape it. With a bag then tape the top of the bag on the back of one of the trees. Put a double sided piece of tape or a piece of tape wrapped around with the sticky side out on the top of the bag.

glue or tape the top together glue star on top

Squeeze the two trees together on the top. Add a cut out gold star to one side.

Christmas trees with star on top Christmas tree gift box with candy bags inside   A Christmas Tree made of paper with a spot for treats inside

You can peak inside at the present on the side. They are so cute with candy inside. Mini candy bars in Christmas colors would work. You can also give them out as presents for a kids class. I am loving making my own gift bags, now I just need to learn how to make my own wrapping paper for the big gifts :).


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