Honeycomb Wreath

Honeycomb Wreath with mini ornaments. This wreath is incredible easy to make and has a beautiful modern look. -Val Event Gal

I have been wanting to make a wreath for a while and I am really excited about this honeycomb wreath! I am just blown away by some of the wreaths I have seen from fellow bloggers. Some are super fancy and intricate. I love what I have been seeing and I had planned on really making something fancy. Then life happened and I didn’t have the time to dedicate to the fancy wreath in my mind. Don’t you just wish you could think something up and then it could magically appear? Someone needs to invent a machine that does that. Sounds simple enough ;). Anyways I didn’t have the time but still wanted to make my own wreath. I was browsing in the party section at Target as I tend to do because they have amazing things! Oh Target, what would I do without you. I came across this pink honeycomb and thought it would be cool for a wreath. I know pink doesn’t scream Christmas for some people but I also wanted to make something that I might be able to get away with keeping up past Christmas. Pink really is a year round thing! Since we are doing more of a modern Christmas with gold, pink, black and some bright colors this definitely fits in. You can use other colors as well red, green, blue, magenta or whatever tickles your fancy. Now lets get to business and make this honeycomb wreath!

What you need to make it:

a strand of honeycomb balls

mini ornaments

sparkle ribbon for bows(optional)

hot glue

Honey comb put glue on honeycomb press honeycomb together

Spread out the string of honeycomb balls so they aren’t twisted up. Put glue on the side of one honeycomb then press it firmly against the honeycomb ball next to it in the strand.

glue around in a circle shape

Continue to glue the honeycomb together around in a circle shape. It is best to lay them out in a circle shape first or after the first few to make sure you are gluing them in the right shape.

lay out ornaments where you want them to go glue ornaments in place

Take the mini ornaments and lay them out so every other one is on the inside. Glue them on to the honeycomb one on the inside in between balls, one on the outside in between the next balls and repeat all the way around. Make sure they are close to the part where the two balls are glued together so it stays in place.

wrap around ribbon wrap ribbon 3 times wrap ribbon around middle of bowglue ribbonspread out the pieces

For the ribbon make three full loops about 4 inches long. Then wrap a small piece of the ribbon tightly around the middle and glue it in the back. Spread out the pieces on both sides and stick your fingers in the loops to help round them out. Then glue them onto the wreath.

Wreath with honeycomb and bowsEasy and bright pink honeycomb wreath  pink sparkly bow

I am beyond happy with how this came out especially with how easy it was to make! Thank god for hot glue! Now I am mostly all done decoration for Christmas. By the time I’m done it will be Christmas but I just keep wanting to add things.

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