Ugly Sweater Koozies

Ugly Sweater Koozies, dress up your dirinks at a holiday party with ugly sweater koozies!

I’m definitely a fan of the ugly sweater craze and these ugly sweater koozies are perfect for an ugly sweater party. A lot of them I don’t even think are ugly just very festive and fun. About 5 years ago I could not find ugly sweaters anywhere for a party and had to make my own. I can’t sew at all so I think I glued some Christmas patches on a plain red sweater, gluing I can do. Now ugly sweaters are everywhere and a ton of people are having ugly sweater parties! I love that because adults need to dress silly and have fun more often. I made these little ugly sweater koozies with felt. Okay they are more just decorative sweaters but if you add some pants or felt around the bottom of the bottle they are koozies. Sometimes beer gets cold and needs a little sweater. You can also use the same template to make an ugly sweater garland using felt or Christmas color card stock paper!

What you need to make them:

felt in red or green

Christmas stickers

stapler or fabric glue


ugly sweater template(free printable at the bottom of page)

Trace and cut out sweaters

First print out the template and cut it out. Trace on the felt around the template. You should get 4 sweaters per piece of felt. Make sure the template is right up to the edge of the felt when tracing because I just barely got 4 sweaters and 1 was a little bit short haha. Then cut out the sweaters, fabric scissors work best for cutting felt but any scissors can work it just might be more difficult with regular scissors. You need two cut out pieces per sweater.

staple shoulder together staple other shoulder of the sweater

Add a couple Christmas stickers to the front part of the sweater. Staple the shoulders of the sweater, the arms, and the sides. You can also glue them together with fabric glue. Just don’t glue or staple the neck hole or the middle “body” of the sweater.

green elf sweater for beer elf sweater  beers with sweater koozies beers with Christmas sweatersred bear ugly sweater koozie

Now aren’t they just the cutest little ugly sweaters! Like I said, you can wrap a piece of felt around the bottom for it to really keep your hand warm. Then just draw a line in the middle with a sharpie so it looks like pants. They look great on a green beer bottle :).

Ugly Sweater Template for koozies and garlands:


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