Candy Love Bugs

Candy Love Bugs are an adorable Valentines dessert you can make

These candy love bugs are cute and easy to make. I made them with my little love bug :). My obsession with candy eyes continues because they just make everything cute! I made lady bugs candies for my daughter’s first birthday a while back. She is 4 now so wow more than 3 years ago! Now she is a big helper making candy with me. Ok she’s a helper for a minute then she gets bored and I finish up. Luckily these love bugs are easy to make and no baking involved.

What you need to make them:

pink and red candy melts (pink and white works too)

candy eyes

heart sprinkles

pink or red round candy(I used sixlets)

plastic spoons

Making love bugs

I put the heart sprinkles in the spoon first but I would recommend adding them at the end so they are spread out evenly. Melt half of the bag of candy melts according to the package. Line up plastics spoons on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or on a paper plate. Pour the melted candy melts into the spoons with a spoon or in a decorating bag. Smooth it out with a toothpick if it is bumpy and put in 4 sixlets for the feet.

Love bug face

Once the candy melts are completely dry flip them over and pop them out of the spoons. Use the unmelted candy melts for the head. Put a dot of candy melts on one end of the body and press the unmelted candy melt down on top. Put some melted candy on the top part of the head with a toothpick then add the eyes. Put some on the bottom for the mouth and add a heart sprinkle for the mouth. Then above the eyes add melted candy with a toothpick again and add two heart sprinkles. Then if you want you can add heart sprinkles on the back of the love bug.

Pink and red love bugs Valentines love bug candyCandy love bug with red and pink  Candy love bugs with little candy feet

Aren’t these little candy love bugs the cutest?! I don’t like a lot of bugs but I’m cool with love bugs. I have more Valentines Day fun coming up on the blog that I am excited to share!


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