Crepe Paper Flower And Ruffle Letters

Crepe Paper Flower and Ruffle Letters

I’ve been decorating for Valentine’s Day and I wanted to have a few decorations that I made myself. I decided to make these crepe paper flower and ruffle letters. I have wanted to make crepe paper flowers for a while and I am so glad I made them. I did the ruffle letter as well to save some time since the flowers take a while to make. Although I really enjoyed making them. I just put on some music and played around with crepe paper flowers, that is my idea of a fun night! The great thing about these is they were cheap to make and you don’t need a ton of materials.

What you need to make them:

2 large rolls of crepe paper streamers(I got them at the dollar store)

cardboard or foam board

First you need to draw out on cardboard or foam board an X and O(or whatever letters you want). I just drew these freehand. You can draw as messy as you want because the writing will be covered up. You could also print out large letters but you can’t get them as large them. Then cut out the letters with an x-acto knife or sharp scissors

ruffle X

For the ruffles double up the streamers and then make sure it can wrap slightly around the back of the letter. Then cut out more strips of that size. If it is a letter that is the same size the whole letter then just cut all the strips the same size. For this it was a little wider in the middle so I needed some longer strips. Then wrap the strips around the letter, starting at the bottom and gluing them with a hot glue gun in the back. Continue until the letter is covered.

making crepe paper roses

Making the flowers is the tricky party. Once you have the hang of it they are easy but the first few of mine weren’t perfect. Take a 1/12 to 2 foot strip of crepe paper streamers. Wrap them around 5 times for the middle then twist the bottom together. Fold the top part of the streamer down in the back forming a triangle shape as shown above. Then twist it around the center until there is a part sticking up in a small triangle. Fold that triangle piece that is sticking up down in back making another triangle. Twist that piece around the center until there is another part sticking up slightly above the middle. If it starts moving too far down or up you can adjust the petals by spreading them out and pulling up or down gently. Repeat until you run out of the strip of streamers. Then glue the end with hot glue.

put flowers on cardboard

Glue the flowers on to the letter. Adding one at a time. You want them to fit closely together.

ruffle and flowers out of crepe papercrepe paper ruffle lettercrepe paper flower letter

I think they turned out great! Not the fastest project I have ever done but I love the results. You could make the letters for birthday parties, for the home or as photo props.


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