Football Party Backdrop and Table Runner

Football Party Backdrop and Table Runner. Super easy and cheap ways to decorate your football party table

Football parties are so much fun! Fire up the grill, put on the game and if your like me you have to add some decorations. I wanted to make some fun decorations for the food table but I didn’t want to go out and buy anything. I made this football party backdrop and table runner with what I had around the house. You might not have everything around the house but there are only a couple things you need to make your food table into a football table. There are a few changes you can make for different sports and this is fun for kids parties as well as watching the game. You can also make a backdrop jersey in the color of your team with the number of your favorite player.

For the backdrop:

white wrapping paper(or black and white striped then you don’t need to paint it!)

black paint


black sharpie

outline shirt shape Paint stripes paint stripes and collar

Take white wrapping paper and unroll it about 4 feet long. Draw a large outline of a shirt. Draw two straight lines each 6 inches from the edge, from the bottom up to 3/4 of the way up. On the outside of the lines draw a line half up from the bottom that is for the sleeves. Then draw the shape of sleeves and a large half circle for the collar. You can also just freehand draw a shirt shape it doesn’t have to be exact. If you are using white wrapping paper you will then paint on the stripes three stripes for the middle section and 2 for each sleeve. Then a line for the collar. Painting can be messy on the edges and then just cut off the messy part. It would be easier with black and white striped wrapping paper then you just need the outline. I had fun with the painting and my daughter even helped out a bit.

Backdrop for a sports party

For the table runner:

3 pieces of green paper(cardstock is best) or green wrapping paper

white marker or crayon

Make football field table runner

Line the papers up slightly overlapping. Glue them or tape them together. Take a ruler and mark with a pencil 1 1/2 inches apart from the middle to the edge. Then with a white crayon or marker draw a line straight across on every other mark. For the ones you don’t draw a line make a small dash mark.

football field table runnerfootball field table runner for food table

Easy as that you have some cheap and easy decorations for a football party.


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