Funny Valentine Lollipops

Funny Valentine Lollipops! Make cute funny faces on lollipops to hand out on Valentine's day. They are really fun to make with kids.

How fun are these funny Valentine lollipops!? They are really fun to make with kids and a super easy do it yourself valentine. You can also make little tags that say you are my funny Valentine or something silly! Valentines Day is coming up and I have some fun little projects that I know you will love. Valentines is fun with kids because it is all about the candy and cute things. The fun thing with these lollipops is you can get creative and make any kind of silly face using different materials. However, the googly eyes are a must! In my world googly eyes are always a must ;).

What you need to make them:

lollipops(they don’t have to be heart shaped but the hearts are cute)

googly eyes

sticker hearts in various sizes

small colorful craft balls(I am not sure that is the technical term)

colorful pipe cleaners

tape or glue

lips from hearts

For the mouths I cut off the top of a heart as shown above. The rest of it doesn’t need a ton of directions.

IMG_9410 IMG_9403 IMG_9412

Like I said the googly eyes are a must but the rest can be a variety of materials used. Fuzzy balls for the nose or the top of a heart sticker for the mouth. You can use the hearts for ears or hands and feet. I also used pipe cleaners cut in half and taped to the back for hand and feet. Just twist a small circle on the ends for the hands and feet. I made little pipe cleaner antennas with hearts on the end. To make a heart just make a circle and push the top middle part down and squeeze it together. They are kind of bug/animal hybrids haha. Whatever they are, they are cute!

IMG_9426 funny face heart straws

I also made these funny heart straws! They are cute for a Valentine’s party or just to put in drinks for fun :).

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