Game Day Desserts

Game Day Desserts for Super Bowl Sunday or a football party

With the Super Bowl right around the corner and the Playoffs going on I have been whipping up some game day desserts. This week I have a lot of game day fun to share with you all. I am extra excited this year for the playoffs and possible the Super Bowl since my team the Arizona Cardinals are playing in the NFC Championship. Being a Cardinals fan is not always easy but they have been on fire this season! Ok, I have to admit I am not a crazy fan that follows everything but I am an Arizona native so I am for the Arizona teams all the way. Whether your team is in the Super Bowl or not it is always a good time. I leave the grilling and most of the food up to everyone else. Although, I can make a really good cheese dip. I am all about the game day desserts and I’ve come up with some fun ones!

Making football brownies

For brownie footballs make brownie cups in a muffin tin. Squeeze two ends of the brownie cup to form it into an oval shape. Take frosting and draw a line straight across the middle and then small lines from top to bottom.

football brownies

To make goal post chocolate pretzels you need:

pretzel sticks

yellow candy melts

candy making bottle or decorating bag

Making goal post chocolate pretzels

Take two pretzel sticks and break them in half. Put one half on the bottom straight up then one straight across the top of it. Then one coming out of the top right side and one on the left side. Pour melted candy melts over the top of the pretzels covering them. Let them dry.

Goal post chocolate pretzels

For the football field cupcakes:

pretzel sticks


green frosting

yellow candy melts

making football field cupcakes

Use a candy making bottle or decorating bag to pour candy melts on parchment paper in a square shape without the top line. Then put a half of a pretzel stick on the bottom middle part of the square. Then cover the top with another layer of candy melts. Then frost the cupcake with green frosting using the grass tip.

Cupcakes for football party Game day desserts

These are easy desserts to make for the big game. You can make these for the Super Bowl or for the kids football game.



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