Star Wars Party Games

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Star Wars Party Games. Fun games for a Star Wars party

Star Wars party game time! My daughter was on break from school so we have been playing with a lot of Star Wars toys and some Star Wars games. You have to get creative to entertain a kid on break. I thought some of the games would be really fun for a party. If my daughter Keira is as obsessed with Star Wars around her birthday she will definitely have a Star Wars party.  I have been coming up with some ideas for even more games which I will share with you all! Why keep them all to myself ;).

The first game is the marshmallow Storm Trooper game! What you need to make it:

2 paper towel rolls or 4 toilet paper rolls


Black Sharpie

White paper

Hot glue gun

Materials for Storm Troopers

Line the ruler up to the paper towel roll. Mark a mark in two inch pieces. Cut along the marks. Repeat with the other paper towel roll or other toilet paper rolls. Cut white paper into two inch strips across horizontally.

PicMonkey Collage Storm Trooper face

Draw Storm Troopers on the white strips of paper. Above is an easy way to draw a Storm Trooper, just follow the steps. They are certainly not perfect but it is one way to do it. They all looked a little different like a snowflake each one is unique haha. I can draw, really, but I have not practiced the Storm Trooper. You can also make your own version of a Storm Trooper or print out small Storm Trooper pictures and tape them on.

Hot glue paper glue back of paper

Hot glue the middle of the white strip of paper to a piece of paper towel roll. Then glue it again in the back.

Storm Trooper game storm troopers and marshmallows

Stack them up in a pyramid and throw marshmallows at them to knock them over. You might want to have two sets so there can be a side by side competition. You can just throw the marshmallows or use a marshmallow gun. Just make sure to have them far enough away to make it challenging.

The next game I made is a melt the ice game. The characters are frozen in ice and the first one to melt the ice wins!

What you need for this game:


Neon blue food coloring(optional but I love it looks with the blue)

Small Star Wars Figurines

Ice cube tray for large ice or plastic cups.

Mix 2 drops of blue food coloring with 2 cups of water. Put the figures in the ice cube trays or plastic disposable cups. Have their faces pressed against the side so the face will show through the ice. Fill the cups with water to cover the figures. Let them freeze over night.

To play the game line the ice cubes next to each other on a serving tray or cookie sheet. Take water guns with warm water in them and spray the ice cubes until the figures are free. Have a refill bucket for the water guns. The first one to free their guy wins. This is a messy water game so outside is best.

IMG_9265 blue ice with star wars characters Chewbacca frozen in ice

I don’t know if you noticed but one of them is a cat, that is apparently Darth Vader’s cat(since it is black). You can improvise and use any little figures if you don’t have a bunch of Star Wars ones.

Some other ideas for games:

If the party is at night a glow stick space, ring toss. You can see who throws them the furthest or who can get it around the death star(use a ball for the death star).

Obviously some type of lightsaber battle is always a must at Star Wars parties. You can use pool noodles to make lightsabers or if you have toy ones.

Pin the lightsaber on Luke, Yoda or Darth Vader. You can use a poster of any of them and then red, blue or green paper lightsaber to pin on them.

A pinata of Darth Vader or any of the bad guys is always fun just have the bat disguised as  a lightsaber.

You will also need some candy lightsabers for your Star Wars party:

Lightsaber battle



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