30 Ways For Kids To Throw Kindness Like Confetti

30 ways for kids to throw kindness like confetti! It is never too early to teach kids to start spreading kindness

I think one of the most important things to do as a parent is to raise kind human beings. If I mess up everything else as a parent knowing that my daughter is a kind person who is spreading kindness in the world I will feel accomplished as a parent. These 30 ways for kids to throw kindness like confetti are just some ideas little and big to spread kindness. You can come up with your own ideas or encourage your kids to come up with ideas to spread kindness. Make it fun, you could brighten someone else’s day as well as your own. We all get busy and sometimes forget the basic things in life like throwing kindness around. Kindness is something we all could use more of in life. Kids already have such a wonderful innocent and kind nature that they are the perfect people to spread kindness. Kind kids become kind adults who care about others.

Here are some easy ways to throw kindness like confetti:

  1. Since Valentines Day is coming up I will start with writing love notes. Write a little note to people you care about thanking them for just being them. If your kids are young just have them draw or scribble something. It’s always good to show people that you love them and tell them why Valentine’s Day or any time of year.
  2. Place sticky notes with nice saying in random places like on free newspapers, at the library, at the grocery store, coffee shop and anywhere that someone can find it as a nice surprise. Ask you kids what would be a nice thing to say to people and write it down. Then have them help pick places to put them.
  3. Give a stranger a compliment. Kids are great at approaching strangers and encouraging them to compliment others is important.
  4. Smile, wave and tell people/strangers to have a nice day. Once again kids are already better at this than most adults. Doing this with your kids can put everyone in a good mood and it is always a good idea to encourage kindness and a positive attitude.
  5. Hold the door open for people for a few minutes. Kids can easily help hold a door open even if they can’t hold it open by themselves.
  6. Make cards for people in the hospital. Kids can draw pictures and write nice notes to adults and kids in the hospital.
  7. Visit a nursing home. Even when I was a teenager going to the nursing home to visit my great grandmother they were all so excited to see young faces. Bringing your kids to a nursing home is fun for the kids and people in the nursing home.
  8. Volunteer. This is one I need to remind myself to do. I used to do more volunteer work before having a kid but I can’t use that as an excuse. I am looking into some options to get my daughter involved in helping others. I think it’s important to start at an early age. Find a cause that is important to you and your kids. Have a couple choices and let your kids pick which one they would like to do.
  9. Donate clothes you and your kids no longer need. Have your kids help to put the clothes in bags or pick out clothes to donate. You get to organize and help others at the same time win, win.
  10. Donate toys same as with the clothes you get to free space. It helps with teaching kids to help others and be grateful for what they have.
  11. Make bags of toiletries, water bottles, socks and granola bars to hand out to homeless people. You can include inspirational notes with this as well.
  12. Make little gifts for friends with items from the dollar section at Target or just little cheap gifts. Little “spa” bags or bubbles and fun items for kids. You can surprise friends and just drop them off at their door.
  13. Offer to take a friends dog for a walk. Since we don’t have a dog and my daughter wants one it’s fun for her and helps out others.
  14. Bring someone coffee or buy coffee for the person behind you in line at a coffee shop. Explain to your kids how it is nice to give something to others.
  15. Have a kid and parent treat yo self day. Do something you both like and treat yo self! This isn’t exactly helping others but you have to take care of yourself to take care of others.
  16. Leave pennies around for people to pick up(clean shiny looking ones). Some people might see it as a sign of good luck!
  17. Get a group of families together to feed the homeless. Kids can help cook and see the impact they make.
  18. Cook a meal for friends or family. My daughter likes to help in the kitchen, even if it is just with a small part of the cooking.
  19. Participate in a charity run or walk.
  20. Bake cookies or cupcakes for neighbors.
  21. Pick up trash at the park. Bring a grabber(kids love those) and have kids help pick up trash.
  22. Do something nice with your kids for your parents and grandparents. Spend time with them, give them framed pictures, make them special arts and crafts, and just show them how much you love them. Family is so important!
  23. Organize a kindness day where you get people involved in spreading kindness. Your kids can get their friends involved and have them help come up with ideas for spreading kindness.
  24. If you have a loved one who has passed do something in their honor This can give kids a special connection to that person.
  25. Sell cookies or lemonade and donate the money to a good cause.
  26. Hand out balloons to strangers or friends. You can attach kind notes to the balloons or write them on the balloons. Kids and adults, who doesn’t love balloons!
  27. My sister has a “charitree” for her kids. It is a paper tree where they document all the charity they do. You can add pictures or write down all of the nice things you have done. Kids get excited to add to it and continue doing more good.
  28. Along the line of trees planting trees is good for the environment and fun for kid. Plant a “giving” tree a tree that has fruit or a flower “giving” bush. Then your kids can help pick the fruit and flowers to give to others.
  29. Make a garden where you plant fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have room for a garden there are community gardens that they can help plant food. Teaching kids to grow their own food helps them to enjoy real food more and be kind to the environment. You can also take kids to local farms and farmers markets to teach them to buy food locally.
  30. Make treasure with pretty rocks, gems and even confetti! Plan a treasure hunt with friends or just leave little bags of treasure for people to find in fun places. You can attach a note that says I hope this treasure brings you good luck!  Spread kindness like confettiMost importantly spread kindness and love to your kids. This will make them want to throw kindness like confetti!

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