Chocolate Covered Donut Pops!

Ridiculously Easy Chocolate Covered Donut Pops!

I love cake pops. Once I discovered the cute things you could make on a pop I was obsessed. The problem with cake pops is the time it takes to make them. You have to make the cake, roll the pops, refrigerate them, dip them and decorate. Yes, the results are worth it but they just take a long, long time! I have tried cake pop makers they just turned out too dry. Using donut holes to make pops is a great alternative because they taste great(uh, duh donuts) and you can still decorate them and make them cute for any occasion! These ridiculously easy chocolate covered donut pops are amazing and ridiculously delicious!


What you need to make them:

chocolate candy melts(you can get these at craft stores, walmart and many grocery stores)

glazed donut holes


lollipop sticks

stick in donut hole dip in chocolate

You can just stick the stick in the donut hole but then you need to be extra careful when dipping them so it wont fall off. You can also dip the stick in a bit of the chocolate and then put it in the donut hole. Let them dry then dip the donut hole in the melted chocolate candy melts.

shake sprinkles over

Cover it with colorful sprinkles. You can also add another color of candy melts drizzled over the chocolate or in a swirl pattern to make it more decorative. Let them dry and bam you are done.

chocolate donut popsdelicious donut popsThe BEST Cake Pop Hack!

This is in my opinion the BEST cake pop hack because you save so much time! They taste amazing and you can decorate them just like a regular cake pop. They might not be perfectly round but lets be honest how many of us can make perfectly round cake pops(definitely not me). Everyone loves a donut and chocolate. That is just a fact ;).


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