How To Make Mini Party Hats

How To Make Mini Party Hats! (with free templates)

Yay mini party hats! Everything is cuter when it is mini and that is just a fact. Also how cute does Darth Vader look with a little party hat?! I am going to show you how to make mini party hats. They are easy to make for any party or just playing party. You can make these for birthdays to put on stuffed animals as decorations. Kids can wear them too. I made a tiny and medium sized template for the party hats for different sized stuffed animals plus the larger size can work for kids and even adults for a small party hat. The template makes these really easy to make. You can use any color paper or pattern to accommodate themes. You can also just print out the template and kids can color directly on it for a colorful party hat. We made these for a fun little tea party with the stuffed animals not really for any occasion but I will use them in the future for parties.

What you need to make them:

card stock paper in any color or pattern

ribbon(I used curling ribbon)

pom poms, tinsel or tissue paper(for the top)

tape or glue

paper and template trace template

Trace the template shape on the back of the paper you are using. Repeat as many times as it fits on the paper. You can make it with the little tab and slit but they are not necessary. If you don’t want that part just cut it off before tracing.

IMG_0600cut slit

Cut out the party hat along the line that you traced. You can use the little slit and tab if you want, whichever way you find it to be easier to make. If you are using it cut the slit on the template then draw with pen through the slit onto the paper you are using for the hat. Then cut the slit in the hat with a sharp scissors.

add tinsel or pom poms connect hat tape hat

If you are using tinsel put a small amount sticking slightly out of the top and tape or glue it to the inside. With pom poms you would just glue them to the top once the hat is assembled. Then wrap the hat around into a cone shape and until the edges slightly overlap. If you are using the slit tape the tab on the inside. If you are not wrap a small piece of clear tape around the bottom. You can also glue it where it slightly overlaps. Whatever way you find it easiest to make.

ribbon add ribbon on the bottom

Poke a small hole in the bottom on both sides. Tie a ribbon around each hole. I left the ribbon about six inches long on each side to give plenty of room to tie it. You can also just tape the ribbon to the inside. I did this at first but it didn’t stay in place as well so I prefer to tie it around.

cute polka dot mini party hatsmaking mini party hatsdiy mini party hatsdarth vader with diy mini party hatstuffed animal with tiny party hat

Darth Vader and the little bear are ready to party! Any party can be a tiny hat occasion.

Here is the template for mini and medium sized party hats:

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