Rainbow Pot of Gold Candy

Rainbow Pot Of Gold Candy

I love how many holidays there are around this time of year. However, some holidays like St. Patrick’s Day I just don’t have the time to go all out for. I at least have to do a little something. I have a few decorations like my rainbow balloons ¬†https://simplecraftyfun.com/2016/02/diy-mini-balloon-rainbow/ and last year we had a party for a leprechaun that was adorable¬† https://simplecraftyfun.com/2016/02/diy-mini-balloon-rainbow/. My daughter really loved that! I don’t think most people do a ton for St. Patrick’s Day since it is so close to Easter.These rainbow pot of gold candy are the perfect easy, half assed but still adorable dessert. Yes, I said it somethings you have to half ass as a mom and human. I’m a half ass Martha Stewart, I love yummy, crafty, cute stuff but things are not going to be perfect and I usually look like a mess while making things. For this you don’t have to bake anything, you just put a couple candies together with frosting and sprinkles. There you go you have a festive treat! I’m serious when I say these are easy to make. You can have them for a party or just for fun. Plus they are tiny so if you are trying to trap some leprechauns they would definitely be enticed by this rainbow pot of gold candy ;).

What you need to make them:

Mini Reese’s peanut butter cups(If peanut butter doesn’t work for you Rolos could work)

chocolate or vanilla frosting

Airheads Xtreme rainbow berry bites(if you can’t find the bites get the larger rainbows and cut them up or connect two of the pots of gold together)

gold sprinkles

rmini eeses peanut butter cups cover top of reeses with frosting reeses with frosting dip in gold sprinkles reeses frosting and sprinkles airheads rainbow put rainbow on top

First unwrap the Reese’s cups. Put frosting and gold sprinkles in two separate bowls. Cover the top of the Reese’s with frosting. Then dip the frosting part in gold sprinkles. Add a Airheads rainbow on top. That’s all you need to do.

rainbow on top of pot of gold candytiny rainbow and pot of gold candymini pot of gold rainbow candymini leprechaun rainbow pot of gold candypot of gold at end of rainbow candy

They are just the cutest little rainbow pot of gold candy! Leprechauns and kids can’t say no to these candies.


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