DIY Bunny Balloons

DIY Bunny Balloons are cute so for Easter

These easy DIY bunny balloons are really easy to put together for Easter or spring. You just need the free printable and some pom pom balls to make them. I am going to be ready for Easter early. It already feels like spring or summer since it has been 90 degrees in Phoenix this week. We decorated our place with a few Easter decorations and now I am planning for what we will do on Easter. These balloons are going to be perfect for taking pictures with the kids. For the face you can also add some googly eyes and a mouth. I just kept them simple for now.

What you need to make them:

white balloons

printable(find at the bottom of post)

felt pom pom balls



how to make bunny balloons

Cut out the feet. Fold down the bottom of the feet and put a piece of tape underneath the folded bottom party. Tape it to the bottom right side of the balloon. Repeat with the other foot on the bottom left side. Tape or glue a white pom pom ball to the middle of the balloon.

For the ears cut them out. Fold the bottom part down in back(like with the feet). Put a piece of tape on the bottom underneath the folded part. Tape the ears to the top right and left side of a balloon.

easter bunny butt balloon Bunny ear balloons Easter bunny balloons Bunny balloons

They are really easy to put together for an Easter celebration. Like I said for the face you can add eyes and a mouth.

Here are the printable ears and feet:

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