DIY Easter Chick Balloons

DIY Easter Chick Balloons are an adorable Easter decorations

I feel like my blog and life needs more balloons! You will be seeing more balloons from me coming up. They are just such an easy decoration and you can make so many cute things in balloon form. Like these diy Easter chick balloons. They were incredibly simple to put together and I just love how adorable they turned out. My daughter also absolutely loves balloons. She will keep a balloon as long as possible. I have to get rid of them when she is not around or else it makes her cry. Yes, she cries a lot and her new thing is to say I am breaking her heart. You know if I threw out the milk that has gone bad it breaks her heart. Getting rid of balloons definitely breaks her heart. I actually love how sensitive she is because it took me until I was 30 to be okay with crying in front of people. She cries and is over it in a minute then off to play a game. I have also gotten very better at holding back my laughter when she is crying over a ripped piece of paper. Anyways, no one is crying when these cute chick balloons are around. At least not until they have to go back to the “farm”. They are fun for spring and of course Easter decorations.

balloons suppplies

What you need to make them:

yellow balloons(I used light and brighter yellow)

googly eyes

orange and yellow tissue paper

double sided tape



beak tissue paper

For the beak you need orange tissue paper. You can make a bunch of them at once by folding a piece of tissue paper a bunch of times until it is in a small square or rectangle shape or you can make them one at a time. The important part is that it is folded down towards the bottom and you don’t cut the folded side off. On the right side cut off a triangle starting from the bottom middle part cut up towards the top right corner. Then repeat with the left side.

tape beak on

Use a small piece of double sided tape to tape the beak on with the tape in the middle of the folded part.

googly eyes

Tape on the googly eyes above the beak one on the right side and one on the left.

tissue paper square fringe tape on

Take a small square of tissue paper(about 2 inches). Twist the bottom, fringe the top with scissors, and tape it on the top of the balloon.

chick balloons Easter chick balloons cute baby chick diy balloons easter balloons easter balloon diy

I made light yellow and brighter yellow as you can see. I really like them with both colors. Note to self(and others) balloons and kids move a lot therefore taking pictures of them together is difficult. However, they are adorable together just take a million pictures and you will get one decent one. I definitely want to get a picture of all the kids with these diy Easter chick balloons and bunny balloons I’m getting really excited for Easter and I have a few more fun Easter ideas coming up on the blog.


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