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Thank you so much for joining me in this blog hop today! I’ve teamed up with 11 other extremely talented bloggers to share our Easter crafts on a budget. Each of us was given a budget of no more than $10 and challenged to create an Easter inspired craft using items from the dollar store or dollar section of our local stores. If you have any budget friendly Easter crafts to share, please add it to the link-up at the bottom of this post so it can be seen on all of our blogs!

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Colorful Easter Egg Garland with gold glitterI know for holidays I can sometimes go a little overboard. I like to decorate I like to make cute decorations and treats. I want to make all the things! The only problem with making and buying all the things is the price can get up there. I made this pretty Easter egg garland for under $10, well really under $5 dollars. It combines two of my favorite things bright colors and glitter. I was going to do all glitter but I wanted some color in there too. Adding just a bit of glitter to bright dollar store Easter eggs really makes them more elegant and pretty. Glitter makes everything better :). Yes you have to deal with a bit more mess but as long as it is contained to one area I can handle it. I also like to do all of my glitter projects at once since I know there will be a mess I do all of the mess at once. If you don’t want as much mess you can use glitter glue and just mix in more glitter to give it more shine. My daughter helped out with this project so I can say literally so easy a 4 year old can do it!

What you need to make these:

colorful plastic Easter eggs(I got mine from the dollar store)

glitter(any color you want, I went with gold also from the dollar store)



you can also add sticker letters if you want to spell happy Easter

put glue on sprinkle glitter on the glue

First open up the Easter eggs and lay them out on a piece of newspaper or paper. Paint or spread glue on both ends of the eggs. If you want them covered all over in glitter spread the glue all around the sides of the Easter eggs. Since I did this with my daughter they were all different and they still look so pretty! Make sure not to put glitter or glue over the holes because you need them to string on the twine. Sprinkle glitter over all of the eggs while the glue is wet. I held the glitter shaker close to the eggs to make sure the glitter it really stuck on. You can also always add more glitter after you string it together. You can also do patterns, stripes or polka dots with the glue and then sprinkle the glitter over it. If you want less mess use glitter glue and mix in extra glitter to give it more shine.

put the eggs on the twine

Let the glue dry. Once the glue is dry thread the twine through the holes of the eggs. You can use a needle to help guide it through if needed. I actually used a twist tie because that is what I had on hand.
Easter garland with glitter eggs Easter egg garland glitter easter eggs
Then hang it up and you have an easy glitter Easter egg garland! If I was doing it again I would use even more glitter, don’t be shy with the glitter!

 Get Inspired!

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