Glitter Ocean Easter Eggs

Glitter ocean easter eggs are a beautiful easter decoration and way to decorate eggs

I have been missing the ocean lately. I used to live in San Diego and sometimes I just have a craving for the beach and just seeing the ocean. Keira is also obsessed with sea creatures and she loved the ocean the one time she got to visit it. I thought it would be fun for us to make some Easter eggs to decorate that look like the ocean. We made these pretty glitter ocean Easter eggs and I just love them! Any ocean lover kid or adult would love them and they are really fun for centerpieces. We went a little crazy with all of the glitter and made a big fun mess!

What you need to make them:

water colors

white Easter craft eggs or real hard boiled eggs


glitter in blue, light blue or green

materials for ocean easter eggs

I spread some of the eggs out on a napkin on a plate and the others I spread out in the egg carton putting them on their side.

paint eggs with watercolors

Paint the eggs with watercolors in ocean colors. I did some blue eggs and some green eggs. I painted in a swirling motion to create a “wave” look. My daughter did some and I did some. Honestly they looked about the same haha.

put glue on and then glitter shake off glitter

Put glue or glitter glue in small squiggly lines across the egg. You could also just paint the glue on one end of the egg for glitter all over. Then sprinkle the glitter over the glue. Shake off the extra glitter. Let the glue dry them flip them over and do the other side. You can also just do one side if that’s easier.

blue and green glitter easter eggsblue and green ocean easter eggsblue ocean easter eggeaster eggs that look like the oceanglitter ocean easter eggsglitter ocean eggs

Confession I didn’t wait until they were completely dry to take pictures so I may have smudged up a few. I was just too excited and I’m impatient like a child. Even with messing up some of the glitter patterns they still look pretty. It’s fun to have a bit of an ocean calm vibe in Easter egg form in my chaotic house. That’s what I want to have in my life relaxed chaos if that can exist. I really love how these turned out and might need to keep them as a decoration past Easter!

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