DIY Marble Balloons

DIY Marble Balloons

Continuing with all things marbled! I have been seeing many party places making marble balloons and I thought it would be fun to make them myself. The benefit of making them yourself is you can make them in any colors you want. I went with bright colors but pastels would be pretty and sparkly would look so good too! You can use different color balloons but the white is nice for making the colors really pop. I tried a few different ways of swirling so you can see what type of look you like and go with that. The one up front above reminds me of out space and would look really cool on black balloons.

supplies for marble balloons

What you need to make them:

nail polish in 1 or more colors(I used 3, I suggest 2 or 3)

white balloons



clothes pins

large bowl or bucket

room temperature water

drops of nail polish add more nail polish colors Swirl nail polish

Fill a bucket with room temperature water. Take one nail polish color and drop or pour about 5 drops into the water. Let the color start to spread out. Then in the center of that color add another color. Let that start to spread out then repeat again with a third color if you desire or add the first color again. Then take a toothpick(I actually used bamboo skewers since that’s what I had) and gently move it back and forth across the top of the water. This will create a swirl pattern. The more you move the toothpick around the more swirled and spread out the pattern on the balloons will be.

Dip balloons in nail polish

Inflate balloons then dip the balloon in the water. My daughter did the dipping, such a good little helper! I would suggest to gently dip the balloon and roll it slightly to the right. Try and cover as much space as you can with each dip. I did two dips per balloon to get the entire balloon covered. I clipped clothes pins to the ribbon attached to the balloons so they could dry separately. Then once they dried I bunched them together.

swirl balloons fun marble balloons colorful marbled balloons pink, orange and blue balloons

You can see the more you swirl the nail polish around the more marbled it looks. I also kind of like how it looks in concentrated colorful parts. You can do them different ways or all looking the same. Oh the fun of marbling! I really love these diy marble balloons because they are simple to make for any party.



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