Mexican Flower Drink Stirrers

Mexican Flower Drink Stirrers for Cinco De Mayo and parties

I am getting ready for a fiesta! Margaritas, bright colorful tissue paper flowers, and Mexican food. I could seriously eat Mexican food every day, I kind of do haha. These little Mexican flower drink stirrers are the perfect touch in a margarita. They would be super cute in any bright color drink. Ole ole lets make some colorful fiesta flowers!

What you need to make them:

tissue paper in bright colors with at least three colors

wooden skewers

twine or ribbon

hot glue gun

strips of tissue paperstrips of tissue papercut the strips in 3 pieces

3 colors of tissue paper

Cut the tissue paper into two inch strips across the width of the tissue paper(shorter side of the tissue paper). Cut those pieces into thirds, they should be about 3 to 4 inches long.

fold over tissue paper fold back the other way fold in accordion pattern

Fold the strips of paper back and forth into about 1/2 inch pieces until the entire piece is folded and looks like an accordion.

tie a ribbon around the middle pull tissue paper upward gently separate pieces

Tie a ribbon around the middle(twine works best but all I could find was curling ribbon). Gently pull the sheets of tissue paper apart starting with the top piece, lifting them up working your way from one side to the other.

glue skewer to the back

Glue a bamboo skewer to the back. I cut them in half first so they wouldn’t be too long, it depends on the height of your cups.

mexican flower drink stirrers for a fiesta Mexican flower drink stirrer  colorful tissue paper drink stirrer Colorful mexican flower drink stirrers  adorable drink stirrers for a fiesta

Aren’t they so pretty?! They look great in the margaritas. To keep them from moving around too much or falling out of drinks put a piece of fruit on the bottom of the skewer. The fruit wont show and the stirrer will stay in the drink nicely.

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