DIY Fruit Balloons

DIY Fruit Balloons! Celebrate summer by making these simple DIY balloons.

Fruit is making its way into a lot of parties these days. Decorations and food(obviously) are filled with fruity ideas. I love eating fruit I know surprisingly I don’t just eat cupcakes and donuts. I also love bright fruit decorations and parties. I naturally gravitate towards bright colors and fruit is right up my alley. I also really like the look of the fun summer fruits plus eating them. These fruit balloons are really simple to make for any celebration.

colorful summer balloons

What you need to make them:

colorful balloons (yellow, red and pink for these fruits). You can add in some other just brightly colored balloons as well

green tissue paper



black sharpie

roll tissue paper twist bottom fringe the top cut triangle shape at top

For the top of the pineapple balloon. Take a strip of green tissue paper about 2 inches long and 6 inches wide. Roll or fold over the tissue paper, I went from right to left. Twist the bottom together in the direction you folded it. Fringe the top with scissors and cut it into a small point at the top as shown above.

make V shapes

Glue the green part on the top in the middle of the balloon. On the sides make V shapes, for Val ;), with a black sharpie spread out all around the balloon.

Pineapple Balloons

They are so cute(besides the one V I messed up that looks like a blob). You could just stop at pineapple because pineapples are the best!

cut out rectangles make into a triangle twist small piece of tissue paper

Cut out a few rectangular pieces. Cut them in to triangles. You need 8 triangles for each balloon. You can fold up a larger piece of tissue paper into a small rectangle and cut a bunch of the triangles at once or do a few at a time.  Take a small strip of tissue paper about 1 or 2 inches tall. Roll it and twist it together.

glue triangles on balloon layer more tissue paper draw dots on the sides

Put glue on the top of the balloon and glue on 4 of the triangles around in a circular shape leaving a small space in the middle. Layer 4 more on top of that. In the middle glue on the small twisted piece of tissue paper. With a sharpie make small black dots spread out all the way around the balloon.

strawberry balloons

Now you have strawberries!

diy watermelon balloons

I made watermelon ones that I don’t love :(. Sometimes I have an idea in my head that doesn’t quite work out how I had pictured. I will tell you what I would do next time for these. I would do dark green balloons for the outside of a watermelon with strips of lighter green tissue paper spread out around the balloon. Then I would have pink, probably a dark pink with little black dots drawn on for seeds. Separate ones for the outside and ones for the inside of the watermelons.

diy balloons that look like strawberries diy fruit balloons

Fun diy fruit balloons! Kids can help make these too, Ok my daughter “helped” by stealing my sharpie and trying to hoard all the balloons. It still counts though ;). That made me a bit rushed but because of that I can tell you they can be made in a few minutes. You can do a few decorated like these and then just add a bunch of colorful balloons in with them. That way you save time!


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