Chocolate Firework Pops

Chocolate Firework Pops! Anyone can make this adorable dessert for 4th of July

If you have visited my bloggy before you might know I like candy melts. I like making cute desserts and most of them don’t involve a ton of baking or complicated baking. I’m a shallow baker like that because it has to look pretty. Luckily when you work with something like candy melts it tastes yummy and they are really easy to work with. These chocolate firework pops require zero back and are really fun for the 4th of July! If you want to do some baking you can use them as toppers for cupcakes. You can also buy store bought cupcakes(I wont tell) and top them with these fun fireworks!

What you need to make these chocolate firework pops:

candy melts in a 2-3 colors(I used red, white and blue to be patriotic)

lollipop sticks

parchment paper

baking sheet



red white and blue candy melts

Melt candy melts according to the package. Have a spoon to spread each color.

lollipop sticks

Line up lollipop sticks on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper slightly spread out.

white candy melts layer candy melts with toothpick spread out candy meltsjpg

On the end of the lollipop stick that is in the middle of the baking sheet put a small glob of each color of candy melts one on top of the other. You can add a little less of each color as you go(the most on the bottom then less of the next color and a little less of the next). Take a toothpick in the middle and spread the chocolate outwards starting on one side and working all the way around. Making straight lines outward from the center and slightly spread out. You can also mix them around slightly before spread them out. You can also spread out one color at a time then add in another color spread that one out. I did them a few different ways just for fun. Let them dry completely then serve them.

Firework 4th of july chocolates Firework chocolate pop Firework pops and chocolates Firework pops

You can see how some are more swirled and some are layered. I like having a combination of them all! Fun and simple dessert for the 4th of July. Chocolate firework pops are delicious and look really cool!


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