DIY Emoji Party Favor Tags

DIY Emoji Party Favor Tags

I love emojis! I may over use them just a tad when I’m texting though. Sometimes words can’t express what an emoji can! Emoji parties are a fun trend right now and they are perfect for tween/teen parties. I will show you how to make these adorable emoji party favor tags and give a few ideas for party favors. Teen party favors are really tricky because bubbles and bouncy balls no longer cut it(although I’m an adult and I like bubbles haha)!

What you need to make them:

Prizm DIe Cutting & Embossing Machine

Emoji Dies

yellow, red and black cardstock paper

gift boxes or bags


emoji die cuts Prizm die cut machine spellbinders prizm die cutting

With the emoji dies and yellow cardstock paper. Put the paper and dies in the Spellbinders Prizm sandwiched in between the cutting plates. Send them through theĀ  Prizm and bam you have some cute emojis!

emoji die cuts

You can add the heart eyes and sunglasses to some or leave them alone, they are cute on their own!

circle cutter glue emojis punch hole tie ribbon

I cut out circles of black and red cardstock paper with a circle cutter. You can use a circle punch or just trace circles and cut them out. Then glue the emoji faces on to the red and black circles. Punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon around it if you are putting them on cellophane bags. If you are using boxes or paper bags you can also just tape them directly onto the bag without punching out a hole. Then add them to favor bags and you are done!

sunglasses emoji emoji gift favor tags emoji party favors heart eye emoji party favor

These little emoji party favor tags are the cutest! You can also use the emojis for other party decorations!

Here are a few party favor ideas for tweens/teens:

nail polish, nail kits

hair chalks and highlighters

lip gloss and make up



candy(all ages like candy!)

travel mirror brush

flip flops

drink tumblers







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