Firework Wands

Firework Wands! Make these simple firework wands for 4th of July with just napkins and paper straws.

I always get myself in a lot of trouble when I go to Target. They have everything and sometimes I just want it all! I always have to stop at the dollar spot because there are some really great finds there. Especially if you like to craft they always have something fun. I don’t feel bad about these purchases because it’s only a dollar(or 3 or 5). While at Target shopping for a trip I saw these cute star napkins and red stripped paper straws. I thought I could make some kind of wands out of them and made these firework wands! I just love how cute these turned out. In the past I’ve made snowflake wands and flower wands. My daughter really loves any of the wands I’ve made so any time I can make wands I make them.

Wand materials

What you need to make firework wands:

red and white paper straws

star napkins

hot glue gun



You don’t have to make them with these exact napkins and straws. You could do different colors for all of them or patriotic colors like I chose.

Cut napkin in half IMGP1531 cut fringe

Unfold the napkin and cut it in half as shown above. Fold those pieces downward in half. Then fold it in half again to one side(I cut them in half again but it really wasn’t necessary). Cut the bottom into thin fringed pieces.

Glue napkin to straw wrap napkin around add more pieces

Glue one end of the napkin piece to the paper straw with hot glue with the fringe part facing up. Then wrap the piece around tightly rotating slightly downward. Glue the end of that piece once it is wrapped around. I had one napkin in 4 pieces but you can keep it in two pieces. Add on pieces once again rotating it slightly downward and gluing both ends on.

tie a ribbon around the base

Once all the pieces are on tie a ribbon around it to make sure everything is secured in place.

4th of July firework wands Firework wands Fun firework wands Simple firework wands for 4th of july

These firework wands are simple and cheap to make for the 4th of July or just for fun. Who doesn’t love fireworks and wands!

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