Under the Sea Fruit

Under the Sea Fruit

I’m always trying to make fruits and vegetables more enticing for my daughter. She likes fruit, vegetables she wont do unless there is ranch involved. I’ve found she likes fruit better when I make it into something cute. I also like to use candy eyes whenever I can. Everything is cuter with candy eyes. You don’t have to put candy eyes on all of the fruit like I did(I know it’s a bit much) but a few of them Is cute! I thought for summer under the sea fruit would be cute for fun and parties.

fruit in shape of crabs fruit that looks like crabs

To make the fruit crabs cut the top stem off and the bottom third off to use for claws. Cut that bottom third piece in half. Then cut a small triangle out of the side rounded side. You can secure the eyes and claws on with melted chocolate.

crab and turtle fruit  turtle fruits kiwi fruit turtle

The crabs and turtles are my favorites. My daughter doesn’t really like kiwi but I love it! For the turtle cut a kiwi in half lengthwise. Cut the skin off one side. then cut that piece in half. Cut that piece into thirds. Cut the end two thirds in half for the legs. Then the middle two in half. Use one side for the head and cut a small sliver off for the tail.  Use the unpeeled half for the shell then add heads, legs and tail. Plus candy eyes ;).

fruit fish

For a fruit fish slice pineapple into rings. Confession I used pre-sliced pineapple. I know I am a cheater! I wont tell if you do too. Take the rings of pineapple and cut out a triangle on one side for the mouth. Use the triangle for a fin on the side. Then take another piece and cut out 1/4 out for the tail. Then of course add a candy eye!

fruit octopus

For the octopus cut an orange in half. Then cut one half into thin slivers for the legs. Add them spread out around the other half of the orange. Add candy eyes to one side of the orange. Remember you can keep the candy eyes on with melted chocolate.

sea animal fruit

Now you have a whole under the sea fruit world! You can make one or all of the sea creatures. They are a really cute way to serve fruit for parties. Plus, kids love them.



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