How to Make an Awesome Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

How to make an awesome and easy Ice Cream Sandwich Bar! Guests can build their own ice cream sandwiches with this easy ice cream sandwich bar.

I am on an ice cream kick this week and what could be better than an ice cream sandwich bar?! This is an easy dessert bar for guests at a summer party. I love bars for parties. You can have mimosa bars, taco bars, bar bars, sandwich bars, candy bars and many others, the possibilities are endless. What I love about a food bar is that people get to choose how they want their food because everyone likes it a little bit different. It is also less work for the host. You put out some ingredients and you are done! The best kind of bars involve sweets in my opinion.

What you need to make an awesome ice cream sandwich bar:

at least 3 types of ice cream

at least 3 types of cookies(you can get creative with types and also add brownies or donuts)

ice cream cups


at least 3 types of toppings(sprinkles are a must you can have a few types of sprinkles, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and Oreo crumbles)


napkins(because ice cream is always messy)

ice cream sandwich bar

Prescoop ice cream and put them in ice cream bowls to make it easy to get out with a spoon for guests. You can also keep some of it in the freezer this way and take it out when you run out. If you are somewhere warm like I am in Arizona ice cream melts in seconds. It’s best to keep it cold for as long as possible. Have the toppings in bowls lined up with spoons in all of them. Have the cookies on a plate stacked up. Extra plates and spoons for guests to assemble their ice cream sandwiches.

ice cream on cookies dip ice cream sandwich in sprinkles

You can have disposable ice cream bowls for all the guests to fill with toppings and then dip the ice cream sandwiches right in them.

diy ice cream sandwiches yummy ice cream sandwich bar ice cream sandwich with sprinkles Ia variety of ice cream sandwiches Making an ice cream sandwich bar

SImple as that everyone gets a tasty ice cream sandwich just the way they like it!

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