Mimosa Popsicles

Mimosa Popsicles. These adult popsicles are tasty for a brunch pool party and refreshing to cool off in summer!jpg

I love brunch and mimosas. I could really eat breakfast food at all times. We do breakfast for dinner sometimes because you can never have too much breakfast food. Also because I am not much of a chef and some breakfast foods are easy. Brunch is always a good option for having people over with kids, my late night days are over. Of course for brunch you have to have mimosas. I love mimosas! They are such a refreshing drink and the only acceptable way to drink before noon. In the summer in Arizona I have a problem keeping mimosas cold enough. You do not want a warm mimosa. That is where the mimosa popsicles comes in. They are even more refreshing than a regular mimosa. You can serve them at a pool party and everyone will love them! Obviously this is not a kids popsicle but you can have juice pops for kids too. Momma needs a popsicle every once in a while. I also need a little adult brunch time!

mimosa popsicle ingredients

What you need to make them:

popsicle mold

orange juice

champagne or sparkling wine

pour orange juice in popsicle mold

Fill the popsicle molds a third full with orange juice.

pour in champagne

Fill the molds with champagne poured over the orange juice up to the fill line. Pour slowly to avoid overflowing. I am always overflowing champagne, I never learn! Freeze them overnight or for at least 4 hours.

Brunch mimosa popsicles! mimosa popsicles for adults Mimosa adult popsicles Orange juice and champagne in a yummy mimosa popsicle

These mimosa popsicles are simple to make and so tasty! You can put them in a cooler over ice to serve. Just make sure to keep them chilled until right before serving them. Who else is ready for a brunch pool party?! Come join me!


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