Simple Banana Notes

Bananas with notes on them

With school coming up I have been looking for ideas for school lunches. My daughter is starting Kindergarten this year. I can’t believe she’s already in Kindergarten! It’s the big time for her, real school! I would love to do fancy lunches every day but realistically that’s not going to happen. Notes are a fun way to show your kids you care. You don’t even need paper just write a note, joke or draw a picture on bananas or other fruit. Since my daughter is 5 I will mostly be drawing little pictures.

Bananas and food writing markers

What you need:

whole fruits like bananas, oranges or green apples work.

food writers

fruit joke notes write on fruit

You can’t go wrong with fruit jokes on fruit! There are tons of silly jokes online. I need those since I can never remember a joke, even the kids ones. Sorry for my terrible handwriting, maybe I should stick to pictures.

draw smiley faces

Emojis and funny faces are another fun idea.

You rock, easy banana note!

A simple you rock or your great work too!

Simple and fun banana notes for lunches School lunch notes on fruit Simple Banana Notes for school lunches! You can leave sweet notes for your kid on their fruit. It's a simple way to show you care.

Simple as that you have something cute for school lunches with less than a minutes work! These simple banana notes are so fun for back to school!


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