Microphone Craft

Microphone craft with kids

Summer has ended but before it does we had some serious dance parties! My daughter loves music and says she wants to be a rock star. That is why we needed to make a microphone craft. We made some sparkly pretend microphones to bring out our inner rock stars. These were really easy to make and I got to use some of the toilet paper rolls I have been hoarding. You never know when you will need to make a toilet paper roll craft in a pinch. My daughter keeps making the paper towel rolls in to light sabers. I think we have about 10 of them by now.

mic materials

Microphone craft materials:

toilet paper rolls

glitter card stock paper(you can use any color you want) or glitter and glue

colorful paper

black paper


tin foil


glue wrap around toilet paper roll staple ends

  1. Put glue on the back of the glitter card stock paper.
  2. Wrap it tightly around the toilet paper roll.
  3. Staple the ends to secure. cut out rectangles put a dot of glue on base put on small black piece of paper
  4. Cut out a rectangle of colorful paper and a small square of black paper for the switch.
  5. Glue it on to the side of the mic.fold up tin foil form into a ball
  6. Crumple tin foil up into a ball.
  7. Put it in one end of the toilet paper roll. Pack it in tightly, if it doesn’t stay you can glue it in with a strong glue or hot glue. Mic craft sparkly microphone craft make a sparkly microphone craft sing in to the pretend microphone Microphone craft with kids Microphone Craft! Make this easy craft with kids for fun singing performances.

We sang our rock star hearts out! Future rock star in the making right there. Hopefully she didn’t inherit her moms terrible singing voice(her aunt on the other hand can sing). We had so much fun making these simple sparkly microphones. Plus, when we sing into these we don’t disturb our neighbors.



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